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Anyone attending one of the community colleges in Baltimore -- RN Program? If so, what was your GPA? What other factors, if any, does the school factor in or is it the highest GPA scores,... Read More

  1. by   ragnoblue
    Quote from BoonersMom
    I attend CCBC- Catonsville's RN program. CCBC- Essex also has an RN program. CCBC- Dundalk has an LPN program.

    My GPA upon admission was a 4.0 with all pre-req's completed. They base admission on pre-req's completed, GPA, and the TEAS entrance exam. Your science GPA is weighed more heavily than the rest ( or so they say). There is no waiting list so if you are not accepted the 1rst time around you must reapply.

    I just received a letter from ccbc catonsville and they said i'm in the waiting list for fall 2007 rn program and the final decision will be out around the middle of.Im really worried now. i'm taking my a & p 2 now. Does it matter if i get higher grades this semester?
  2. by   Abersmom
    Jules, Re-take your sciences at a community college to raise them!

    I also know some community colleges who actually reward "points" for people who have been turned away a semester; so when you reapply, you have a better chance getting in (Harford CC does this...)
  3. by   BoonersmomRN
    ragnoblue-- I am not positive - I dont know if they pull this semesters grades after finals to look at how ppl. on the waiting list did.
  4. by   ragnoblue
    thanks for your reply boonersmom... i really appreciate it!=)
  5. by   olufemi254
    I have a bacholors degree and I had a 3.3 gpa.
  6. by   lildan
    I applied for Fall semester at Harford with a 3.53 and with A&P II and Microbiology in progess (all other pre-reqs were complete). Also, note that Harford does not look at classes in progress, So, my Spring grades/credits (A&P II and Micro) were not considered in my Fall application. Because of that I lost 7 points in their system. Unfortunately, I was not accepted. They rank as such:

    1 point each for completed Intro to Psych, Human Development, Sociology 101, Math, English 101, Humanities/Arts (2 completed classes required).

    3 points each for As in A&P I, A&P II, and Micro. For Bs you get 2 points and for Cs, 1 point.

    5 points for GPA of 4.0 to 3.75, 4 points for 3.74......and so on, I cannot remember what the break down in because I fall into the 4 point category.

    1 point for already having a BA/BS or higher.

    1 point for an application that has improvements (for example my Spring application will have "improvments" since A&P II and Micro are now complete), but this point can only be earned once (so if I don't get in for Spring 08, on a Fall 08 application I would not get the point again).

    2 points for completing more than 16 credits at Harford. You get 1 point for having 8 to 15 credits completed. 0 points for less than 8 credits completed.

    This semester I will have 23/25 points, with all pre-reqs completed, and a 3.647 GPA. I am hopeful that I will be accepted.