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Hello Everyone, I am applying to the CCBC Essex nights and weekends program for the fall of 2012. I am hearing all the stories about those either getting in or rejected for the Spring day... Read More

  1. by   binnyblonde
    Hey Greg.. It's been a while since I've logged onto allnurses. Congratulations on getting accepted into Harford! Hopefully CCBC will pull through for you :0)

    Were we supposed to get anything else in the mail? I never did...I only got the white postcard in the beginning telling me that they had not received my TEAS test score... when they had. They said they had everything that they needed.

    Have you or anyone heard anything more from the school?
  2. by   ambitiousBSN
    The only thing we'll receive is the post card. I had the same problem - my card said they hadn't received my TEAS score yet it was still on file from last year, so Lois told me everything was okay. Now we just wait it out until May.
  3. by   binnyblonde
    Thanks! I thought so ... just wanted to make sure. I can't believe that it really takes that long. May seems so far away
  4. by   ambitiousBSN
    Quote from binnyblonde
    I can't believe that it really takes that long.
    It was super long last year! I applied last spring and was rejected. To give you a time frame of how long it could potentially be... I saw my status change on SIMON on the night of a final, so that was around what, the second week of May? But... that was also when they threw out that mandate about in-county tuition so from what I heard, they had to stop the review process altogether, not to mention they updated their computer systems or something, so it took awhile plus there were a ton of glitches for them. Also, keep in mind there are generally hundreds of applications to review! When I applied last year, there were around 500 people who applied between the two campuses. It's absolutely nuts! I can't even imagine the amount of stress they're under with that many applications!
  5. by   binnyblonde
    I can only imagine the stress they are under. And on top of sorting through all of the applicants they have to deal with a bunch of crazy neurotic people all calling or emailing to ask the same questions over and over! LOL! - Ahem... I guess I am at least speaking for myself :spin:

    I just really wish they could do it faster. It seems like at least a few other schools let you know something sooner. I know 2 people that attend other schools in 2 different counties and they have already received their acceptance letters.

    Do they tell you what you were rejected for? I am mentally preparing myself for if I don't get in this first round....but I'm still gonna feel devastated! LOL!
  6. by   ambitiousBSN
    No, it was just a very generic letter about how I met the minimum requirements for acceptance, however the applicant pool was too competitive. It seriously was a huge blow but after that I started focusing on BSN requirements.
  7. by   binnyblonde
    That's what I plan to do if I don't get in this round. I also plan to take 1 more class this fall so that I can apply to the Respiratory Therapy program as a backup plan. Hopefully it won't come to that.
  8. by   nps07
    yes i have a friend going there as well and he said he loves it there... i called in and they have all my stuff... they just told me that experiance does not count AT ALL... and i have 2 years of direct patient contact, so that kinda sucks for me...and djsage i have the same scores as you with teas and GPA so i think were both going to be put in the same pool of applicants (which will hopefully be accepted!) and to everyone else also!
  9. by   ambitiousBSN
    it really is a shame they don't consider experience because i'm sure that would make the applicant pool less competitive. but it's also one of those things where you can't fault people for not having experience. i'm right there with you nps07, i have 5 years of direct patient contact. :-(
  10. by   rngraduate2014
    I use to live at ccbc but then I decided i needed a plan B so I started taking classes at Bccc the chemistry they required is good for howard county and coppin bsn program.I have been accepted at Bccc and dont have the anxiety of needing ccbc to move forward
  11. by   nps07
    yeah I'm certainly looking at bccc as well... I'm signing up for the chem class in april for the summer and applying there if i don't get ccbc, but i would much rather have ccbc as the bridge to towson as it is much better than a bridge to coppin state... I'm already a student at towson so it would simply be better to attend ccbc for my nursing course work and then transfer in 90 credits from CC rather than do 60 credits at a university paying 500 a credit as opposed to 100 a credit at CC..
  12. by   rngraduate2014
    You have to do what absolutely works for you. Good luck either way
  13. by   Djsage13
    Thanks Lauri about Harford. I am very excited about that because it takes the pressure off of getting into CCBC. I prefer CCBC over HCC but at least I know no matter what I am in nursing school.

    Congrats rngraduate for getting into BCCC. So is that your first choice or is CCBC?

    I agree with you all that May is a long ways away. Even though it's really only a month, but when we obsess like we do it take twice as long. Can't believe we can't see our applications online either so it'll take a little longer to find out because we will have to wait for the letters.