Accepted At Ccbc Catonsville

  1. I just got accepted at ccbc catonsville's RN program for spring 2007 and was wandering if anybody also got accepted by the same school.
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  3. by   FutureNurse82
    Congratulations:smiley_aa I am still taking my pre-reqs. I have A&PIand II and Micro to take. I have a question for you. Do they based your acceptance on just the Teas test and your GPA on the 14 pre-reqs(engl101, psyc101, a&pI and a&pII)? My friend wasn't accepted because they told her her GPA was too low based on those 4 classes.
  4. by   loveu123
    Thanks, I had a 3.2 on my prerequisites and an overall GPA of 3.0. I had all my prerequisites completed and I think that helped me.
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  5. by   BoonersmomRN
    Congrats! I will be in my 3rd semester in Spring 07 at ccbc!

    You will take Fundamentals first at the teachers are GREAT!!!!! It's a LONG 14 weeks though......after that all your courses will be 6-7 weeks.

    If you have any questions let me know!
  6. by   BoonersmomRN
    You can apply when you are currently IN A+P II but it is better to have it completed. Your science classes hold a little more weight than the others when they look at them for admission. The TEAS test is also important.

    FWIW Kabrhel rocks for A+P II if he's available...and Kaiser for Micro!
  7. by   loveu123
  8. by   smilesilove
    I'm going through the application process and I'm racking my brains out in which campus to apply to. I have a 3.15 as a GPA and I take the TEAS this coming Jan.6th. I've been studying real hard for that test and I'm hoping I get a really high score. What I'm trying to ask it easier to get into Catonsville or Essex campus? So stressed out!
  9. by   BoonersmomRN
    smilesilove.....the rumor has always been that Essex is easier to be accepted to....but that's just rumor. I have nothing other than word of mouth to back that up by. Good luck on your TEAS test

    Boonersmom - Catonsville- Semester 3 of 4
  10. by   smilesilove
    thanks boonersmom.
  11. by   DaretoDreamRN
    That is actually the is easier to be accepted into catonsville than essex and it is not a rumor. I graduated from ccbc catonsville last year and i have nothing but great things to say about the program.
    I took all my pre reqs at ccbc essex but didnt even bother applying there cos i know what my friends who applied there went thru ( they didnt get in). In my graduating class we had about 4 students transfer from essex to catonsville during thier last semester . They are both good programs but i just think its easier to get accepted into catonsville.
  12. by   BoonersmomRN
    Ok I don't get it. How is not just a rumor? The admitting office will not release the GPA acceptance statistics no matter what you are asking for. I have had classmates from my class transfer to Essex. So, basically what I am saying is I think ALL of it is rumor. They keep that info tightly secret.

    Word of mouth ( ie rumor) is all there is. I took pre-reqs at all 3 campuses considering my weird scheduling needs w/ kids. All I heard was that Catonsville was harder.

    my best bet is it differs by semester. Hence the inability to say anything is fact.
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  13. by   Jules A
    Quote from BoonersMom
    The admitting office will not release the GPA acceptance statistics no matter what you are asking for.
    Are you sure? Dundalk prints out a list of all the stats on prospective and accepted students for their LPN program. Seems weird that the RN programs wouldn't have that available also. I would bet you are correct however in that it varies from semester to semester. Why the heck wouldn't they just do one big enrollment and assign people to one campus or the other?
  14. by   smilesilove
    i agree JulesA. they should just do one whole puts so much more stress by picking only one campus.. i even asked if i can apply to more than one campus and they said no. i have to pick one campus only. anyway, i'm putting my cards in essex. i know a lot of people that have not been accepted at catonsville, but like you guys have all depends from one semster to another. i'm just stressed out.