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Here's the thing.. I have been working at this job for just over a year. Recently, I feel like I have a bullseye target on my back. I have been moved to 3 different units in the last 3 months. The last move has been the worst of them. This unit is usually the last stop for any nurses assigned. They dont last more than a couple of months before they are either fired or willingly resign. I have already felt the heat everyday that I have been on this unit. (It's not really a hard unit, it's just where all they patients with "Those family members" always end up being assigned). So if they complain coz their loved one didn't get a banana on their tray, it's a major emergency. If spare socks are down in laundry and havent been brought up when the family visits, its an emergency and life on the unit has to stop until this is resolved. ( I am not kidding here. The DON calls up and tells the nurse and CNAs to drop everything they are doing to go find the socks)

Ofcourse this is a problem coz like I said, all the family members on this unit are cut from the same cloth. So while everyone is down in laundry looking for socks, another family member will inevitably come to visit and complain why the nurse was not at the desk at all times to answer her questions.

I usually don't really mind going to work, but lately, I have been dreading every single day.

I have some applications out but as everyone knows, jobs are hard to come by lately. I guess I just do not want to hold on too long that they get a chance to fire me, but I don't want to leave without getting another job.

I just needed to get that out of my chest. LOL. Maybe now that it's out there in the universe, I will start getting some call backs from all the apps I have put in.

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Sounds like the floor you are on has their priorities messed up. Missing socks is definitely not a life changing event. Socks are cheap! I hate those family members that have to pick at every little thing that you do. I'm sorry that you dread going to work everyday. Nursing should be fun, not awful. I hope that you hear from other hospitals soon. Stick with it until something else comes up though. Like you said it's tough out there.

thanks Lizzie. I am just entirely too frustrated with my work place right now

I am sorry you are going through this crap! It sounds like you are doing all you can do now with sending out the applications. This should take some of the pressure off, just knowing their is a way out of this mess.

Here is the thing- This happens to the best of us unfortunately. However, you live and you learn. What I have learned is that " When in Rome do as the Romains do " . If they think something like socks , etc. is more important just roll with it. You cant win. No matter how good a nurse you are - in business they could care less.Some companies care only about keeping the pt's quiet and happy , and at time the family too. Screw healthcare ! Some only care about how the paper work looks to the state , etc. . Heck, if they saw the pt it would be on " 60minutes " . Tell them what they want to hear. In meetings just nod your head and move on. But the best thing to do is always have another job. At least part time so you can keep a movin.

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