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Mark Klimek in person vs. Audio

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Hi fellow Nurisng school grads. So here’s my situation. I got into a DNP FNP program and got my dream job in the ED while in my last semester of Nurisng school. Now both my job and my program need me to have a license by a October. Since I graduate this week (August 7) I have to wait however long (in FL) to get my ATT. My issue is that I am scared ******* I’m going to fail the NCLEX and get kicked out of my program and dismissed from my job. So, I’ve heard a lot of great stuff about Mark Klimek. I was wondering if the audio is just as good as the live classes? Anybody do a live class? I’ve also been doing UWorld since April and have done one Kaplan CAT (it let me take 191 out of 265 so I’m not feeling super confident).

Any advice is appreciated!

Caranne_1, BSN, RN, CNS

Specializes in Haematology Oncology. Has 26 years experience.

Be careful listening to audio recordings online. I was today and some were linked to inappropriate and unrelated websites and then  as a result I may have had virus infect my phone. Just uploaded virus ware to deal with that....

Damion Jenkins, MSN, RN

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Word of advice - the audio files are STOLEN content. Mark has worked very hard to create content that helps people pass the NCLEX and someone violated the terms and conditions of his seminars and recorded the sessions. It is disrespectful and illegal to distribute stolen content and to knowingly use it. Now that you know, you should seek out content that is created for Free - like the allnurses NCLEX Study guide I authored:

or you should seek out services that are paid for (which are always of higher quality and will help you out the best). For more information, I would love to help. Send me a private message or visit my member profile where you will find all my contact info. 

Good luck - You got this!