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Hi! hm, I don't know how to start this but I already took the NCLEX-RN twice. On my first exam I got 75 questions, and obviously I failed, it is because I didn't study. and my second take, I had 265 questions; I studied content on Saunders and practiced all of my question on Lippincotts but still I didn't pass. Now, I "replenished" my content on saunders (the same book) and I enrolled in Kaplan Testprep Review last February 2014. And here are my scores:

Diagnostic Exam: 61%

Readiness Test: 64.44%

Question Trainer 1: 61%

Question Trainer 2: 73%

Question Trainer 3: 59% :(

Question Trainer 4: 63%

Qbank: overall performance is 60%, I have used up 73% of it. Some topic score 70s%, most of them lower 60s%, some higher 40s to 50s...

I just registered on pearson vue and plans to take on April 14, 2014.

Do you have any advice? I'm not comfortable with my performance now. I think I'm coming to panic attack.

By the way, on my last day of review feb 26, 2014, the reviewer told me that "you should take the exam next month." and few days after it's already MARCH- The NEXT MONTH...



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I didn't really use KAPLAN in preparing for the exam but my friend did and she said she was just scoring 50-60ish to the practice exams and she passed with 76 questions. I think you need to read and understand each rationale even when you got it right and you'll be fine. I will also take the test on April. Hey, pray and have faith. Believe in yourself. Keep answering and reviewing until at least a day before the exam. You got this! :D keep us posted! Good luck and God bless! :)


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Thanks AngelAsherah! I am always praying, I keep on asking God to please let me pass this time. I really need my RN license now. I actually received my ATT this morning, and sadly the date that I wanted is not available, instead of taking it on April 14, the available date is April 11. and the super next available would be on May 5, in which I think would be toooo long. When are you taking your exam? :)

Thanks again for the advice and words of encouragement :)


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You can do it!! Have faith! I will pray for you! I will be taking Kaplan in May after I graduate. We are all on this crazy journey together. I love this website because I feel a sense of support and community from my fellow nurses/future nurses!


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Thanks laura09! :) yes, that's really true, I can really feel the support of our fellow nurses here. congratulations on your nursing degree! :) you deserved it! ^^


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Dear krysryjuly you will do it our prays are with you be confident and strong take 1 day rest before the exam and dont forget

to sleep well night before the exam.


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Thanks mamoli! :) I hope I can sleep well before I'll take the exam, because the last time, I wasn't able to sleep... One thing, I am to take the exam tomorrow, what is my chance of passing? given the scores that I have. Range would be 1- 100%, with 60% as the passing mark. :)

I just wanted to let you know that you CAN pass this test. I failed the first time I took it. And honestly, it wasn't because I didn't know the information. What was the problem? My nerves REALLY got to me!!! The second time around, a new calm came over me and I started believing in myself. I wasn't as stressed out when I took the test again and the test didn't seem nearly as hard. What changed in me? I did a lot of positive self talk. Stay focused that deep down in your brain, you know the correct answer to the question. Keep an open dialog in your head as your own supporting coach! It sounds like you're prep-ing the way you're suppose to. Have a ritual to calm yourself down when you begin to freak out and practice that ritual as you study or when you're going about daily life and start freaking out just thinking of the test. Turn that freak out energy into positive energy. Visualize yourself answering the questions with ease. Visualize yourself passing the test. Visualize yourself happily working as a nurse. I listened to a hypnosis app on iphone called "Exam Success Hypnotherapy" it is free. It sounded so cheezy and the lady's accent is beyond funny, but it became part of my ritual at night before I went to sleep every night. And if I woke up stressed in the middle of the night, I'd listen to it again to calm myself. I said a prayer every time I began my study session and remained thankful that I was even accepted to nursing school! You do know this information! You Do!!! You can and will do this!!!!! Trust in yourself!!!! P.S. take ample study breaks....people have been known to study themselves stupid!!! Now go kick this test!!!!!


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I passed with my QBank around 59 and my QT 7 around 53 (only thing I really did outside of Kaplan's plan was take my incorrect QBanks over and over again the last week). YOU CAN KICK THE ASS OF THE NCLEX! NCLEX is trying to take you out, take food out of your mouth, take food out of your family's mouths, put you out on the street! My best advice is to fight hard and try to get that eye of the tiger, man, THE EDGE! NCLEX is going to do everything it can to hurt you, keep that in mind and know you can't stop fighting it. (I did a nonstop Rocky/Flashdance marathon just before the test, and it might not have taught me nursing content but it taught me a lot about how you need to stay hungry and try your hardest).

Basically I think you need to hate the test and never give up until its left broken and bloody and you, likely also taking your own hits, get up before it does like at the end of Rocky II.

I wiĺl pray for all of you ...who are going to take exam.all the best.


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wow! T-H-A-N-K YOU happygoluck2014 for the advice! you gave sa strong foundation to claim that I am an RN! I can do it and be successful this! :) thank you soooo much, from the bottom of my heart :)


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thanks kidglov3s! your comment really rock me! i know i can rock the exam out right now! thanks! :)

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