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Hi- I have to get some guy opinions. This guy I know is in his first semester of nursing school. He is in an accelerated BSN program. He is with 6 other women. He expressed his dissatisfaction... Read More

  1. by   itsbuzzy
    I really like the show Nurse Jackie. I think it's funny. The fact that both male nurses that have had screen are both, is a little stereotypical, but it is only 3 episdoes in now. They may have some more that haven't showed up yet. I know that doesn't really go with your post, but I like the show. lol
  2. by   Tweety
    There's always two sides to every story. Perhaps he wasn't innocently having a conversation, but was a bit aggressive in his opinion, or there's more behaviors than just this one conversation the instructor is concerned about.

    Obviously he needs to talk it out and tread carefully.

    Stereotypes are wrong. But being "disgusted" is a bit of an over-reaction in my opinion and perhaps reflects homophobia.

    Around here there are five str8 guys for every gay guy and I've never heard any complaints about stereotypes. But it might be regional, or it might be conversations they have away from me.
  3. by   PacoUSA
    The portrayal of male nurses as gay on TV programs is something that will take a while to become a thing of complete historical significance. We are making some inroads into this however, when you have shows like "Private Practice" where one of the male characters is a heterosexual nurse-midwife.

    The male student the OP mentioned is in an accelerated BSN so I will have to assume that he'll be done fairly quickly in the program. Hope he can do his best to fly under the radar until he gets his degree and move forward with his career.