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I am a female nursing student but I dont understand why male nurses are looked down on. They are human beings too.... Read More

  1. by   Dr. Tammy, FNP/GNP-C
    Quote from truern
    Stereotyping?? Hardly.

    Maybe you can pull up a 250 pound patient but I can't. And I'll continue to look for the strongest most able-bodied person to assist me....male OR female.
    It is not safe for males or females to lift any patient alone. Check your facility policies. I do appreciate, however, your clarification, as men in nursing do have more to offer than just their backs.
  2. by   Lucid Vital Nurse
    As a male nurse, I've never been looked down upon. The only time I see any nurse looked down upon is when they are incompetent, which I have seen. Usually, I'm the go to guy whether it's an RN/LVN or CNA needing something. I have a passion for my profession, respect for my co-workers and especially my patients!..So everyone has respect for me!
    Of course, everyone you work with may not necessarily like you for whatever reason, but that's life...not much you can do about that!
    Now, sometimes there is some disrespect B/T RN's/LVN's/CNA's but we are all supposed to have a professional respect for each other! We all have a job to do with the patient as the main focus! We may not all be at the same level, but that doesn't mean anything!...Everyone is where they are meant to be at any given time!:wink2:
  3. by   nneokill175
    i have never seen a case where male nurses are being looked down on...
    i actually know a guy whose wife is a nurse, and he said that he wish there would be more male nurses out there because the job sometimes requires strength. He said that his wife sometimes comes home and literally just drop, and he hopes for more male nurses in the future. the only ones who every made fun of nursing are my friends, lol, but they are just joking.. and every time they pull that joke, i always tell them to have fun laying on the floor while im laughing at you. lol.
    So I have never seen a male nurse being looked down yet
  4. by   jaywolves
    Thanks for sharing your paper. Good information there. I just finished a project for my third A&P class where I tested a variety of people utilizing the BEM Sex Role Inventory which scores a person's own perception of self in 4 possible categories; Masculine, Feminine, Gender Neutral (androgynous), and Undifferentiated. Then I subjected one member of each resultant group to a saliva-based Testosterone test.

    Guess what? Out of a group of 16 people, 8 scored androgynous (including ALL of my female subjects), 7 scored feminine. I had to seek people outside of school to find someone to test masculine.

    When you think about it, don't you want your nurse to be even-keeled? Wouldn't you rather a gender neutral medical professional than someone who scores so feminine that they get weepy with your family, or so masculine that they are uncaring entirely?

    The truly interesting component was the physiological aspect. My manliest subjects, i.e. military service, farm boys, huge guys with excesses of body hair and giant muscles - SCORED THE MOST FEMININE.

    All of my male subjects that took the hormone test tested in the optimal range for testosterone.

    Male nurses don't lack in manliness. We aren't LESS of a man for being nurses. If anything, we kick just a little more ass for having the sensitivity to tackle an emotionally draining profession and the muscles to back it up!

    ========> C(^^) Here's to ya nurses... be it man or woman.
  5. by   ssturgis
    I hope we are not looked down on sheesh.
  6. by   Skeletor
    I'd say fer the most part we're not, of course you may run into a few haters here and there. I have most definitely. But such is life