Why a Nurse?

  1. Hey fellas, so just thought I'd see everyone else's thoughts on this?
    2) AGE?

    1) I choose nursing to be a direct impact on people's lives and encourage people to do things they think they can't do.
    2) 23
    3) Possibly working towards a masters in nursing or going the pre-med route. Would like to work as an ER nurse and ICU nurse for a couple of years. Also considering the idea of flight nursing...
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  3. by   countryboy09
    I choose the nursing field for the challenge and the direct interaction with people


    eventually get my mba and become a hospital admin.
  4. by   npratt10
    1) nursing to save people's lives
  5. by   npratt10
    2) age 18

    3) after finishing BSN in 3 years and paramedic certificate commission in the military, then when I'm done pursue some advanced practice
  6. by   NurseGuyBri
    1) The opportunity to enter an profession that has a respected status and needs a little new age lift to it. My goal is to teach co-workers, friends, colleagues that nurses dont eat their young and teach them to lift up and improve day after day.
    2) 31
    3) Life Goal is to teach, whether it be in current form (nurse management) or education and practitionership (DNP)
  7. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    1) Well-paying job with a modicum of job security in an interesting field that provides human interaction and the opportunity to (at times) feel good about what you're doing. 2) 44 at graduation, 48 now 3) Life goal? To be a happy and content man who's a good husband and father, loyal friend, and respected colleague. Professional goal? To become one of the go-to nurses in my ED, perhaps ultimately to serve in roles of educator and quality/safety.
  8. by   savoytruffle
    1) to help the elderly get the quality of life and dignity they deserve. They are under served. 2) 34 (after my birthday in 10 days) and 3) MSN in administration starting this spring. Considering DON or healthcare administration and possibly politics to help shape nursing practice laws and healthcare reform
  9. by   Andoo
    1) I want to have an impact on as many people as I can, to help them live healthier fuller lives. (quality over quantity)

    2) 27 (2nd semester BScN student)

    3) Complex care, BICU, or perhaps try for NP.
  10. by   Rlee1
    I just like helping people. I did the fireman/emt thing- the medical was better. I like the mental challenge. 51 years for my new career choice. I hope for a msn before my bones petrify!
  11. by   Kiwiguy
    An interesting question. I have always been a caring person. When i was younger i cared for animals and as i grew older that caring attitude was applied to other people as well. I spent 8 months in and out of hospital when i was 19 after being diagnosed with bone cancer. The experiences i had during that year i believe is the primary reason i am in nursing school now, It was a lonley time for me and while my family played the largest role in my treatment and recovery, i had a great nursing team and a male nurse who were magic for me. I guess i am aspiring to be like them.
    2) AGE?
    At the moment i have one year left in my degree, I am considering getting into Oncology because of my past, but mental health and medical have also proven to be interesting. I am interested in trying out rural health. My main aim is to be happy, and i have found that helping people enables me to be happy. so its a win win career for me.
  12. by   afallon
    Im getting into nursing because j want to help people and provide the barest care that I can. It might soy kinda lame or like a Cinderella story but being an emt I strive for the best of myself so that others has to beat chances 2. 18 3. I really want to continue with the emergent care life and work in an emergency room or an ICU I know this will take time but I also want to pursue my NP and paramedic licenses
  13. by   ImKosher
    1. I choose nursing because it's complex, challenging, exciting, and rewarding. I worked in Finance for the hospital and realized I don't want to be the at the end of care for the people. I watched several guys, amazing guys at that, work on the floor and decided that I wanted and needed to be taking care of the people rather than taking their money and turning others to collections.
    2. 24
    3. I plan on continuing my education. I don't know whether it will be NP, CRNA, educator, Or whatever. I plan on taking my time and enjoying my journey as a nurse. I will know when it comes time.
  14. by   Bobmo88
    Quote from Ant24
    Hey fellas, so just thought I'd see everyone else's thoughts on this?
    2) AGE?
    1) I initially wanted to go into medicine but after volunteering in the hospital, I was impressed by how physically and mentally challenging job was, the many career paths one could take, the opportunity for advancement (especially advanced practice), and also the respect that the profession earns. Working in a hospital as a tech has only reinforced my desire; I could do other things but I don't see myself doing anything else.

    2) 24, I'll be 26 going on 27 when I graduate with my BSN.

    3) I work in an ER right now so I would like to start my career in ER nursing. I used to want to be an Acute Care NP but now I'm wondering if I will even want to go into advanced practice once I'm done with school and I start working.