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Hi All! I'm a crazy father of 2 ex-premed who just recently turned down Northwestern to go into a RN program. I already have an Associate in Science, but I'll be getting another ADN and then... Read More

  1. by   josh1974
    Hey all, I'm an LPN student currently, bout done with my first semester! Just wanted to say hey and Semper Fi!
  2. by   just_cause
    hey - you are onto a great thing withe public health corp - it's actually a 7th branch of the military... seems a bit strange A bunch more info is here:
  3. by   RNJimFromMI
    Hi All-

    I am 36, married w/2 kids and recently took a buyout from a 14 year career with Chrysler. I just finished all of the prereqs with a 3.9 overall and am pumped up because I'm on the waitlist at two local community colleges (Schoolcraft and Henry Ford C.C. for you in Michigan). It's looking like Fall '09 at HFCC at this point.

    See you around!

  4. by   mursestudent
    good luck jim when you finaly get in. Im finishing my first semester at davenport and it was a blood bath. I was a 4.0 student when i started...
    be prepared to fail a test or two, Its a total different way of thinking. Nothing is black or white anymore. The saying goes be happy with a c and be thrilled for a b..
  5. by   saltydad
    I've done 2+ semesters of my ADN program. Had worked as an LPN 30+ years ago, and I'm 61 now.
  6. by   PuffDr4gon
    Hey Guys,
    Just stopping by to say hello and introduce myself. My name is Joe and I was just accepted to Jefferson University for Prelicensure Nursing of Fall 2009! I've lurked here for awhile but just joined today. I hope to learn and meet new friends on here.
    Joe B.
  7. by   S-Rank
    congrats jim we are all proud
  8. by   diesel66
    Hey there all you men!! I am 30, currently completing my 2nd quarter in an ADN program here in GA. I plan on (hopefully) bridging into an MSN program after I get my RN license. Wish me luck!!
  9. by   captncourageous98
    Dave here!
    Went to Indiana State University to see about the LPN to BSN program and possibly even the RN to BSN. I took the campus tour and thought that the campus was mediocur at best. As a 35 yo. returning student I felt a little out of place with all the young 18 yo. freshman on the tour. :0) It was a blustery 18 degrees outside and I was almost as old as some of the parents on the tour. I pushed on towards the end and made it to the nursing building in time for my appointment. I had made arrangements 1 month ahead of time for my appointment. The young girl helpin us kept asking about the other student in the group. There was a young girl and her mom setting with me. I figured she thought I was her other parent. :0) It seems that the nursing program is fairly new there, established in 2007. I was told there are a lot of on line students from all over, California, etc... Truthfully, I was not at all impressed with the staff. It seemed they were not prepared for my visit and I had driven 2.5 hours to get there. I was a little put off by the whole ordeal. It seemed the accademic advisor did not know much about the nursing program and even less about the distinction between an LPN and RN. I could not believe this! To make a long story short don't be affraid to visit the campus, take the tour and talk with the advisors. It is your education and an investment in your future! The community college here in Indiana is surprisingly much more professional and efficient than the four year college that I visited today! But that's just my 2 cents about ISU.
    Have a happy!
  10. by   Mr_Tom
    Hey Guys! I have been posting around in different areas but haven't stopped by here yet. I am debating between three fields still: Registered Nurse, Radiologic Tech and Respiratory Therapy. I still have few pre-reqs to take so I have some time to decide. I am coming into the field (head first!) after 12 years in the Graphic Design (BFA) Industry.

    Hope to see you all around!
  11. by   vampireprince03
    heheh... That's life I suppose.... Im a nursing student and Ill be graduating next yr.. hope Ill pass... hehehe....

    this freakin local board here in Philippines is too hard compared to NCLEX...
  12. by   vampireprince03
    be prepare to fail exams due to its superhard or very deep analyzing to do... man, analyze, gives me headaches after every evaluation exam i take.
  13. by   captncourageous98
    Are you filipino? What university are you studying at? Are you going to be able to set for the NCLEX in Manila when you are finished with your program. My wife is filipina and had thought of going to school in Manila. I would be interested in talking with you about your program in Philippines. Thanks!