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Hi All! I'm a crazy father of 2 ex-premed who just recently turned down Northwestern to go into a RN program. I already have an Associate in Science, but I'll be getting another ADN and then... Read More

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    masculine nightengales *crazy*
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  4. by   kirlee
    Although I am no student, I can clearly remember back in 1972 how daunting it was being a student, but 31 years on I can look back and be very satisfied with my life as an RN
    With the right attitude there is a great time to be had with all the girls, and with the novelty value we have it can be very good.
    Also here in Australia, guys tend to climb the career path quickly.


  5. by   twarlik
    Originally posted by bluepanjeet
    it doesn't mean that u always post here, you can give any comments that you like.... be professional enough to accept that members here have different opinions, different backgrounds and different nationalities... if you think that other people's compliments are crazy then i think its better for you to shut up and let other say what they wanted to say....this post is created solely for that purpose...and even you cannot have the right to give sarcastic comments specially on other people's compliments.

    i can imagine how agent blahblahblah discriminizes asians in the hospital. well buddy, to tell you honestly your very offending, and somebody should tell you that PROFESSIONALLY! Not all asians are stupid as you think they are.....!
    I know you weren't talking to me, but I feel the need to chime in. This is a friendly board and I don't really think that Agent meant anything personal with the "crazy" comment. How you managed to move from that to stating that "not all asians are stupid" is beyond me. Let's just try and keep this thread friendly. Thanks.
  6. by   killerkixx
    Hey whats up, male nursing student, want to thank my parents for letting me live at home rent free so that i can pay for classes without any loans. i'm a senior in an SPN program in NH. Nursing is my way of making a difference in the world. I hope i can raise up to the challange.
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    Welcome killer kixx..

    And twarlik, thanks man.

    I was saying it crazy IMO to refer to men as nightengales but to each his own.

    And btw if you want to attack me then you'll have to do better than that.. you just made yourself look like a big stupid ass!
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    Originally posted by agent
    Welcome killer kixx..

    And twarlik, thanks man.

    No prob. He sent me a nasty pm. Welcome to my ignore list!
  9. by   Acute & Chronic
    Hello everyone

    I have been receiving the All Nurses email bulletin for a while now, and saw a link for "guy nurses", so I thought what the hell I'll check it out. Well I've registered, and here I am.

    I'm a second year student (from a total of 3 years) doing my Bachelor of Nursing (Degree), in Australia. Probably differs to the equivalent in the USA or elsewhere.

    I'm 31 ( ), and I was one of the ones that changed careers, cos of a disatisfaction with previous lines of work.

    Just had my first Acute & Chronic ward placement (out in the hospital) today, so it's a perfect day, to sign up, hence my nick

    I hope to contribute to this forum when I can, as I see there are hundreds of threads to see.

  10. by   agent
    Welcome A&C!

    Love to hear about your experiences in the future
  11. by   Douglas
    Welcome, Acute and Chronic. Good to hear from the Oz. Have thought long and hard about moving to the land down under. What;s it like practicing nursing in Australia?

    Seen a lot of comment obout males in nursing here. I finished BSN in 1984 and had 10 guys in my class - very unusual back then. We had a blast, and I do not think the professors quite knew what to do with us. Most of us were from other careers or the military. Even though I went on to law school after a few years, I still practice nursing casual pool in the PACU. I have never regretted getting my BSN, and think nursing is one of the hottest tickets now - a great career with great flexibility and real job satisfaction. salaries are getting better. Working with mostly women can be a challenge sometimes and for what its worth, I think it is best to learn early on when it is best to retreat and become invisible. I had sisters, so I don't find it that difficult. my wife is a nurse too, which helps. It helps if you basicly like women and do not compete with them in the manner they do among themselves. Keep a sense of humor.

    Good luck to all of you in school. It ain't always reality in that setting, but you got to play the game to graduate. Later.
  12. by   agent
    Great post douglas. Hopefully we can learn something from you guys
  13. by   Enabled
    Originally posted by twarlik
    Here's another one...
    I'm starting the program at Florida State Univ. on the 25th. I have no idea how many other guys are in the program. Hoping I'm not the only one...

    Take care all!
    Now I feel like the odd one out. Welcome guys the more the merrier and a hearty welcome to the profession of nursing. I don't know if you are aware of it but the Univ of Miami has an M.D. to R.N. degree program. Some are foreign students who wanted to be nurses but their heritage said they had to be docs. FSU wrong school Uof F made a higher partying school over FSU. GATORS rule!!!!!
    Good luck guys in your studies and if any of you have any questions you can find our personal emails and email or ask the board about it.