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Hi All! I'm a crazy father of 2 ex-premed who just recently turned down Northwestern to go into a RN program. I already have an Associate in Science, but I'll be getting another ADN and then... Read More

  1. by   UCFpinoSN
    Hey everyone,

    I just joined, so I'm just posting an introduction! I'm a BSN student at the University of Central Florida, 1/118 total and 1/9 guys. I'll be graduating in may of 2008.

    I enjoy reading all of the postings on here, especially the funny stories and comments. It's become my new coping mechanism to relieve the stress of nursing school.

  2. by   KLB00
    Hi all, just thought I would introduce myself.

    25 y/o Army veteran, married with no kids (but we do have a very rambunctious pit bull, lol) I start nursing school this fall and will hopefully graduate in 2010 with my BSN!

    - Kevin
  3. by   pinoyRN_23
    goodluck to you kevin.. i recently finished my BSN RN last year and im telling you,youre gonna love it it really pays off being a male nurse
  4. by   Blove86
    Another future male nurse here, hopefully and prayerfully I get this acceptance letter it is driving me kaboom!
  5. by   jthewood
    I don't remember if I introduced myself here. I'm starting an accelerated BSN program this fall in No. VA. I've got a BS in Health Science (Emergency Medical Services) and have worked as a medic, nurses aide and currrently work in an occupational health role. I'm really excited to get into my classes this fall. Whatch what you pray for Blove86....after you get teh letter, you have to wait to start!
  6. by   TKBSN2b

    Accepted to University of Colorado and Regis University BSN programs, and still deciding. Changing careers after losing wife of 20 years to ovarian cancer. I think it's great that so many men are moving into nursing, afterall, nursing started with men. Good luck to you all!
  7. by   Blove86
    Im sorry to hear about your wife TKBSN2b. And I am am from Colorado aswell, even though I go to school in Oklahoma. The CU and Regis BSN programs are very great schools to be a part of, so pat yourself on the back!
  8. by   edchunt
    Thought I would just post here. It's been awhile since I have posted. I just finished my ADN. Took the final today. I will graduate on Saturday, May 12. I was an LPN going back for my RN. I will return to work at the state psych facility as soon as I get mt temp license.
  9. by   gdean1
    There are men out here and REAL men to boot!! Welcome to the club. I've been warmly received by the female nurses I work with except for the occasional one who assumes I'm headed straight to management. Nothing could be further from the truth. I wouldn't want deal with that much extrogen ever. Just give em my patients and leave me be.
    I haven't seem just gender specific stuff unless it comes to moving a patient -- then you get the call.
  10. by   rpbsnrn
    Hey guys,

    Its good to hear from you all. I'm actually starting an accelerated BSN program here in Louisiana in the fall. I got my acceptance letter about two weeks ago. I'm ready! I decided to go into nursing after my father fell ill with heart failure and kidney failure about a year ago.
  11. by   Higuchem
    I am in a pool of estrogen at my school finding myself being the only guy in most of my classes. I am really in need an outlet that will help shed the estrogen off. I found myself complaining more then I have before and when I started school I have noticed I am starting to be aware if my fellow classmate wears outfit more then twice in two weeks. (shoot me) Anyway this summer I have an internship in the CCU and when I toured the unit I learned my manager is male and a good number of the nurses are male so I hope to see a males point of view of nurisng this summer then just a women's view. (note: I am not saying a males view is better, I just want to see how male professional RNs work).
  12. by   ejlaca
    Hey all, just checking in on the mens board. Yesterday while killing some time before a final (end of 1st year of accelerated MSN program at UCLA) I logged on to the site. I tried to register, but realized I was already registered. I did a search of my posts and saw that I posted on page 28 of this thread back in December of 2003. It was like looking back in time to when I was just a nursing school wanabe. Anyway here I am and really excited to be one year away from graduating.

    And Higuchem, I hear what you are saying about the estrogen pool. Friday mornings are a big recap of the previous nights Greys Anatomy. But its all good, the girls are teaching me to be more observant when someone changes their hair color or cuts it, so that maybe I will notice when my wife changes her hair color or cuts it.

    Good to be back on the board.
  13. by   yooper30
    Hello fellow male nursing students. I am working on my ASN right now. I have been a paramedic forever. I was taking classes at Montgomery College here in Texas, but I could not get into their nursing program due to the fact I was not a licensed medic in Texas, only in Michigan. So I am taking classes through Excelsior College in NY. Just started 2 weeks ago, hoping to be done next summer. Good luck to the rest of you!