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Hi All! I'm a crazy father of 2 ex-premed who just recently turned down Northwestern to go into a RN program. I already have an Associate in Science, but I'll be getting another ADN and then... Read More

  1. by   manofcare
    I'm a first semester ADN student at a small junior college. I really like the program and especially the pt contact. If I had anything to recommend to you it would be to be yourselves. I have found that the instructors, all females, have been fair in nearly all regards. They admire the same things you guys do, morals, hard work, attention to pt needs, etc. It really doesn't hurt you to have a consistantly positive attitude. This may be a welcome change from the norm.
  2. by   mikethebike
    Yip, I'm a 3rd year on a 4yr BN (bachelor of nursing) programme in the U.K. and it's well dominated by women here too mate - goes with the terrritory if you ask me but am I right in thinking that you got into this thing to challenge yourself ? The reality is that along your way you will find time and time again that it's who you are with that matters most, whenever you are involved with trying to empower someone you discover that you can't do it solo with this in mind you are in it either with patient or multi-discipinary team-member or significant other, whoever you are dealing with at the time all boils down to one's a powerplay. Ask open questions....respect rights and choices and most of all listen - you have two ears and one mouth, you figure it out! Just remember they don't use the word easy in a hospital.


  3. by   firstaiddave907
    hey all whats new and exciteing
  4. by   fishngolf
    Good Day

    This site is great !!! Just started an ADN program in southern CAL (1+ mo ago) and love it. After working some 10 years in the paperside of hlthcare (policy/HR/disabilities determination) I'm re-starting my career with no regrets. At 36, I'm one of the oldies of my class. Anyway. just wanted to say hi and wish all yall the best!!

    out, fishngolf
  5. by   droadracer
    Here is mine....56 yr old male....application in at nursing school in Syracuse...waiting for reply due in Feb...
  6. by   barryaw32
    I just got the boot from my nursing school for ..........I still am not sure. They said I questioned my instructor so I am a male chauvinist pig. yep their words. Good luck to yall.
  7. by   student_nursecanada
    Hey Nurses,

    Orignially from U.K., now in Canada doing my BN/RN program. In second year and loving every moment of it. Currently placed on a Cardiac Surgery/Telemetry...learning lots as always. Good to see everyone having fun for the most part in nursing. Great profession. My instructor the other day told me that Im the first guy she is teaching..LOL.

    Question I you nurses learn more from your clinical instructors or from RN / NP on the unit? I found that my instructor is great but others find that its by working with staff that most learning occurs. I also discovered that Nurse Practitioners here are top class and they ll be happy to explain everything to you in most cases. I think there are around 5 Nurse Practitioners on our floor.

    Murses and Nurses rock.
  8. by   Fibril_late

    Nursing is a great career choice. I got my ADN in 1983. Before that I was a Respiratory Therapist for about 5 years. Nursing rocks, no doubt about it. In all the 23 years, never any problems being in a traditionally female industry. Back in 1983, it was about a 20:1 ratio, and I don't think it has changed much. Sometimes, (you'll see) the guy nurse gets more respect from certain physicans and of course, quite a few family members will think you're the MD to. What the heck, fake it till you make it.
    I spent most of my time in Cardiac ICU, and I still do some teaching of Cardiac Monitoring.
    Best advice: protect your back. Do not lift anything over 50 pounds without help. It may sound whimpy, but just ask the other 50,000 nurses like myself, that took a career crash with a back injury.
    Now I'm working toward "Nurse Massage Therapist".

    Good luck, you'll do great.
    For a career retrospect, check out my blog:

    Fibril_late in Calif.
  9. by   Daggummit!
    Hi everyone,

    I am a first semester nursing student in an ADN program at my local junior college. I am 23yo, and have a B.S. in biology. I live in the redneck epicenter of the U.S. good 'ole South Carolina. I am one of about 10 guys in a class of 64 total, so I'm not completely drowning in a sea of estrogen.
  10. by   Lank4ever
    Hey guys,

    Im a 22 y/o entering a BSN program and I am terrified by clinicals. I just have no confidence. I will though.
  11. by   lab211
    I am one out of 4 men in our senior class in a BSN program. We are out there. Sad to say, I still get the stigma even from other health care professionals. I am my own person and I know what I want.
  12. by   Fibril_late
    I was there once or twice. Everybody gets nervous. The key is, to KNOW YOUR STUFF. Dive deep into the patient records; be a fact fanatic. Don't be a minimizer, but be a maximizer. Know your math inside and out. Use a PDA. If you don't have one, get one and load it up with "MedCalc" or "Eponyms" and "Epocrates" or some other pharmacy app. And don't be afraid to speak up when you have the answer. Also, most important, when you're in the Clinical setting, if you think something is going haywire with your patient, and you are uncertain of what to do, you have to speak up.

    Hope that helps. Stick with it. Although male nurses are a minority, we stick out, and stand out for excellence. You will too.

  13. by   royr
    Another Guy here - Senior in a BSN program - should graduate - God Helping me every step of the way - in May 2007. It has been interesting but the patients make it all worth while. It has been hard to keep up with the young gals sometimes - I will be 44 in May and I have learned that some of my classmates are more grown up than I am. Just a big kid at heart - I want to do pediatrics.