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Hi All! I'm a crazy father of 2 ex-premed who just recently turned down Northwestern to go into a RN program. I already have an Associate in Science, but I'll be getting another ADN and then... Read More

  1. by   emtb2rn
    Quote from RNIZER3000

    If you can do it than your stronger than most. I would advise that you only take easy electives, if any, during nursing school. Some are corequisite meaning that you have to have it done before Nursing 1,2,3, or 4 or you must take it while taking Nursing. If you don't or you fail and it is a prerequisite for another corequsite than you can't take the next nursing course until next year, after you complete the prereqs/coreqs. I'm a natural in science but there is only so much information you brain can take in especially in A & P and chemistry where the material is a mile deep and a couple miles long. I would try to complete A & P II and chem over the summer. Everyone I know who has taken Micro, A & P, or Chem while taking nursing have either outright failed or passed by the very skin of their teeth. You need all the time possible to dedicate to nursing school. The 1st semester is the hardest because you truly have no idea what is headed your way and you don't want the commitment of another class to breathe down the back of your neck while nursing school had you pinned up against a wall. Think of nursing as taking A & P I, II, Chem, English, and Psych all at the same time. It is no joke it truly is that challenging and it will be a struggle. Best of luck and kill your prereqs (which are some pretty dire ones to have left) over the summer. Trust me when I say you will thank me after two months of nursing school and your ready to lose it...even with no job.
    Interesting (albeit negatively skewed) perspective. The only pre-reqs I have left are chem & micro which I have to take once in nursing school. Chem is on my schedule along with Nursing 110/111 and clinicals this coming fall. Micro is scheduled for next summer as a stand-alone course (no problem there). I'm finishing A&P I now and will take A&P II in a 6 week summer course starting in 2 weeks.

    Regarding the "everyone I know..." comment, how many people are you talking about? That seems like a generalization based on your circle of friends/acquaintances. As it stands now, we gonna have agree to disagree on this one. OTOH, I'll let you know if I still feel the same way in November after a few months of nursing school....
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    Quote from rickybear

    I think it's comical that when people say...things like this, they immediately do exactly what say they don't mean to do. Apparently you care enough to point it out and get on a high horse telling me it's not something I should you tell me. Heterosexual is the default assumption, if you are straight you don't have to mention it. But several men here have mentioned their wives and kids. ( personally glad to hear it ) If I had instead just mentioned my husband would that have been better? ( guess some might have even thought I was a woman...( no insult to the fairer sex ) Perhaps instead of trying to make everyone conform to your sensibilities, It would serve you better to keeping your own side of the street clean. But that's my advice, take what you want and leave the rest.

    Just a suggestion...


    As per Malenurse1:
    I think its great that you are proud enough to announce who you are, just like the straight guys are proud enough to announce their families

    And, I think so too.

    Great thread guys!!
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    Its great to see the thread I created almost 3 years ago is still prospering =)
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    Ya there are only a couple guys out of my class of 40. Seriously though, you can't knock the guy to girl ratio! Pretty dang good odds! Of course most of the women are older so as long as you aren't picky....
  5. by   firstaiddave907
    I am going for my medical assistanting degree then i am going on to get my LPN then my RN. and in the medical assistanting course im one of three males takeing the course.
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    Dave why are you taking that long route?
  7. by   Slpask
    Another Father of two (and husband of ONE)..

    I start nursing school in September while working full time.. I have been accepted into the Nursing Program, and am just waiting to be confirmed into the evening program... I have a BS in Accounting, and after I get my RN, I expect to continue for a masters..

    With the best of luck, I will get into the accelerated program in May of 07. Stop work, go into debt and study up a storm.. The wife is a trooper and the "kids are alright".
  8. by   AznMurse
    waddup fellaz! a murse! I am in an ADN program with 30 students in class. 7 are males (including me).
  9. by   nicemood
    hello every one. i am glad that i will start the nursing program this fall. it was not easy to get in to the program here in ncc in ny, but i made it.
    we should support each other and i am sure soon a lot of men will join the male nursing club. i am 30 years old. i work full time and go to college full time. i was able to keep my gpa 4.00 even if it was hard. i believe if you really want to do something and you have both the will power and the means you will succed and make you dream comes true .:spin:
    good luck for you all male
  10. by   CableTec
    Hello all,

    So far, this forum is really enlightening and entertaining. I look forward to becoming a contributing member! I am a new student RN and yep, I'm a guy......a rarity that seems to be becoming more common in this profession. Anyway, Pharmocology is killing me so I'd better go study now......

    -Greetz, Brad
  11. by   davebigs
    You are not alone, I was one of only two guys in my class in Minnesota....
  12. by   aussieguy79

    I am a 26 year old second year student at University of Southern Queensland, Australia. I am interested in emergency nursing and have been working as a PCA for 8 months.
  13. by   JeffTheRN
    Hi everyone. I am a 31 y.o. male in an ASN RN program here in Connecticut. In a class of (once 120 now..) 80ish students, I am 1 of 4 male students. I'm almost done with my 1st year. I;m just finishing up my summer session of Ortho/Neuro (lovin' neuro so far). It's been a tough go so far (father of 1 soon to be 2 - and husband as well) I work 16 hours at one the Conn. Hospitals here on the Cardiac Telemetry floor as a CNA and a Telemetry tech.

    What do you all do to pass time and relax when you have a few minutes to spare? I'm a poker guy myself; as well as web design too. Love to just sit at the online tables for 30 minutes after studying to just clear my head a bit. Talk to you all soon.