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I'm into my first three weeks of nursing school and I just can't seem to get it together. Up until the beginning of this semester, I've pulled a 4.0 in EVERY class. However... I took my... Read More

  1. by   Corvette Guy
    yelper42 - You are proof... it is not the number of times that one falls down, but the number of times one bounces back that is a true measure of character. Congrats on the NP exam letter!
  2. by   rayjay
    Sometimes I yhink it's harder for those who are used to making 4.0 grades.
    Everyone I have spoken to tells me you will NOT ace the Nursing courses.
    We just had our first pharm exam and the highest grade was 78. I have had to learn not to beat myself on the grades. You WILL pass. Remember, that is the goal!

  3. by   ArmyMSN
    Some of the best nurses I know convey to me that they struggled at the positive, confident - and keep working.
  4. by   Pat_Pat RN
    When you become a nurse, you are an RN, not an RN-(A in my classes), or RN-(C in my classes).
    I mean, as long as you pass, it doens't really matter what "grade" you get. We just started with the sterile field today. There is a lot to know and remember, and which hand you are using for what....whew.....
  5. by   RebeccaJeanRN
    Anybody who can get a 4.0 in pre-reqs is a pretty smart guy, as simple as that. So since you are so smart and hardworking, you'll catch on to what you need to do in nursing school to get the grades you want. You may have to re-think a 4.0 as a goal, but no reason you can't do VERY well once you get the hang of it! I think of very well as B+ to A- , but everyone has a different idea of what constitutes 'very good' in nursing kinder to yourself. The start of nursing school is the very toughest, its so unlike everything before it. You WILL do better once you figure out the ropes- hang in there!!
  6. by   scaredofshots
    YEP Nursing school SUCKS!! It is not your everyone can do it profession. However those who make it come out a lot stronger! You can do it! Make them proud!!!!!
  7. by   s.carter
    humble pie anyone?
    I had a 4.0 also down to a 3.6 now. dont worry, you will make it!!!
  8. by   nurse4theplanet
    suture self ( I love that name by the way!)

    At one time or another, we all fall short of what we believe to be our true capabilities. To call your self a screw up is admitting defeat! Keep studying your heart out and get extra practice with your skills...try not to be too hard on yourself! Nursing school is challenging, but you must meet that challenge head on with self-confidence. Good luck to you!
  9. by   Mermaid4
    You know, it takes awhile. And nursing isn't easy by any means. It is always a learning process. I remember having worked for several years as a nursing assistant before going to nursing school so figured I had bed making down to a science. Well, guess again....Change the tapes (oops, cds) playing in your mind...If you could be perfect in nursing or any aspect of medical care, then there would be no patients because they would have all been cured....Patients don't expect perfection...They expect and need to be listened to and cared for and about. A little perfection is lovely but humility and the ability to accept that you can't always do it all exactly right every time, will endear you to far more patients than any perfect score in school will...
  10. by   lab211
    The fact that you got into nursing school proves that the admission board believed in you. I am a senior nursing male student and believe me I have walked in your shoes. I remember it like yesterday when I felt like the world's biggest screw up. I have fell on my face more than a few times, picked myself up, dusted my frustrations off, worked harder on my weakness, stayed focus, and alas...success. Talk to your advisors, use other students as resources.
    Believe in yourself. Don't wait for others to validate you. Validate yourself first. Keep your head up high. From what you all appearances you can only succeed and don't forget the ones that become behind you (the lower level students). Lift them up when they have those DOWN days as I have lifted you up. What goes around comes around.

    take care
  11. by   AznMurse
    Hey, don't beat yourself down too much. My professor told our class once that it is not about the grade, it is more about how we think (critically) and make sound clinical judgements based on scientific knowledge (theories). I was a 3.91 pre-clinical and now down to a 3.5. I have one more semester and I graduate. I used to stress myself in the beginning and get intimidated...I had the overwhelming urge to learn everything and if I don't know it all, I just failed myself and might as well not go on. Needless to say, I was unecessarily hard on myself with such high expectations. There are several things I learned in nursing school...there is no way to know everything, instead, learn all the basics and from there you can pretty much make sound decisions. Everything else will come with experience. ADN program is such a short program that covers almost the same amount of content a BSN program covers. It's tough, but not impossible. It's initmidating, but it really isn't. I told myself, I graduated with a BA in liberal Arts, I learned how to read and write 2 other languages, I learned how to operate appliances, I know how to budget my money and balance my checkbook...then it dawned on me...what can I not learn? NOTHING!!! from then on forth I have been getting better grades, not perfect, but good enough, what's more important is that you are confident that you really understood the material and that you know you are only human and that you are capable of learning.
    I spoke to nursing student who is in her last semester and she was telling us how hard it is...I would have been trembling in fear and anxiety have I not have any faith in me. I told myself, hmm...difficult huh...nothing to worry about...I will understand the underlying concepts and kick some ASS.

    just my long two cents.
  12. by   diane227
    Don't be so hard on yourself. You JUST started. We all had these problems. First of all don't knock yourself out trying to get a 4.0. Who cares. I guarantee that no one will ask you what your GPA was when you are applying for a job. You have to relax. When I was in nursing school I was a B and C student. I always got A's in clinical but on tests I was average or below. I passed my boards the first time and left nursing school behind me. I knew a girl in school that studied all the time but she did not test well. She was excellent at the bedside but just could not take a test.

    Lighten up. It will get easier as you learn more. Diane
  13. by   Speed Freak
    Dude, believe me. You are not a screw up. I should know. Two years ago during a local kite flying festival a local reporter went around interviewing people for the daily paper. I spoke with him about the kite fights we used to have as a kid. How we used to grind up glass and glue it to our kite strings so we could tear up the other kid's kites. How we were so poor we made out own kites. He was so impressed by my tale that he made the article more about his little talk with me than anything.

    The next day I was having breakfast with my dad. I used to live two houses from him and I would eat breakfast with him every morning before work. My mom pointed out the article in the paper to him. My dad read it, folded the paper up then said to me, "That is the first time you have ever been in the newspaper without embarrassing us or having to get a lawyer."

    Dude, THAT is when you know your parents think you are a screw up. 4.0 up to now means you are no slouch.