How do schools handle OB/GYN for male Nursing Students?

  1. Hi Everybody,

    I was just wondering something, and that is, how do schools handle OB/GYN rotations for Nursing students that are male?

    OB/GYN is something that makes me rather uncomfortable. I don't want to go into OB/GYN in the future, but something like Endocrine, Med/Surg, or anything besides OB/GYN is something I'd be willing to look into.

    Thanks for filling me in,

    Mr. Beef
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  3. by   fusster
    They handle it the exact same way as they do for female nursing students. Some students are uncomfortable in mental health rotations because they have a mental illness, someone they know has/had a mental illness, etc. Some students are uncomfortable in the ICU because they had a loved one who was in the ICU and they died. But all these students have to go through these rotations in order to get their degree. I know it kind of sucks, but you just kinda have to get over it. I've had clinicals that I hated (my mental health clinical was in the psych unit of a prison-one of the worst things I've had to endure and it was for a whole semester), but I endure it because I have to to get the grade and because I knew the experience would make me a better nurse. Just let your instructor know you are not comfortable with it and hopefully she'll help you out and make it as easy as possible for you to get through.
  4. by   aka_steven
    The only difference I can remember is that my instructors asked the pt's I'd be assigned to if they minded a male. Most didn't. Most of the OB docs were male anyway.
  5. by   Rocky_LPN
    I spent the 2 weeks in the nursery as apposed to bein on the LD/ob floor. Now i had a great time with the kiddos, but would have been in over my head with the moms for sure
  6. by   elkpark
    In my experience as a student and as a faculty member, male students are treated exactly the same as the female students in OB/GYN rotations. Why would there be any distinction/discrimination?

    OB clients are free to refuse to have a male nursing student work with them, just as they can refuse to have any student assigned to them, and that probably happens a little more often with male students than with females. But not enough to keep someone from being able to meet the clinical objectives for the rotation.

    There will be many things you encounter in nursing school that will make you "rather uncomfortable." Part of getting through nursing school (and part of your responsibility as a nurse) is to deal with those feelings and be able to do your job.

    Good luck with your studies!
  7. by   jthewood
    Whan I was in paramedic school we had to do L/D rotations as well (for obvious reasons). We were instructed to introduce ourselves, let them know why we were there and to ask the patients if they minded our presence during the birth. In two 8 hour rotations I was only refused twice. I also assured them that, if at any time they felt uncomfortable, I would leave.

    It was especially cool to me cause I had a 6 month pregnant wife at home. My first son turned out to be my 7th witnessed birth!