Did you go to your pinning ceremony?

  1. Glad you went? Wish you had? Was it too touchy feely?
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  3. by   ImThatGuy
    The "ceremony" at my school will be someone handing you the pin you already bought after you pick up the cover your diploma goes in which you'll receive approximately 45 days after graduating. I'm skipping all of it. I've already got approval from the VPAA.
  4. by   13thSpade
    I'm skipping graduation, but going to the pinning. I don't really have a choice, my instructor told me today that I'm doing the speech!
  5. by   nursegirl75
    It was only 2 hours, and it was really the last time I saw many of my classmates. It was a good way to see each other for the last time and wish each other luck . Just go. Its a good way to end nursing school haha
  6. by   puravidaLV
    As of right now I am not even bothering with it. It occurs the same day as graduation and I'm not planning on going to that either.
  7. by   Wild Irish LPN
    I will be having mine in June...absolutely going, its a big deal....I have family and friends coming, and a killer party to follow at our neighborhood bar with all my classmates and families....I think this is much more meaningful than my graduation will, so I will be skipping that ceremony....