A shoutout to all you guys...

  1. I passed the nclex last week and wanted to say to all the dudes out there considering this biz or already in nursing school: DO IT! We need more men doing this. Times are changing. One of the managers at my hospital said they now get more female doctor applicants than men. I think traditionally men have been about 5% of nurses. But in my class of 100 or so, there must have been about 20-25. Times are changing.
    I work in an ER and I tell you that a work shift with me and two other guys is so much more relaxed, drama-free. Many of the lady RNs I work with admit they much prefer working with men.
    When I was growing up and thought about a nurse, it was a lady with all white who would encourage you or get you a cold pack for your injury. I don't really know what I thought about how knowledgeable they were compared to a doctor. Now, having just finished nursing school, I know firsthand there is a LOT of science, technical things and skills, leadership, decision-making, etc that goes into this and these are things many men are good at. I also really like to help people. And I have noticed many patients like the calm, reassuring demeanor that myself and other males try to exude, and some even tell you so. So I praise God that I was led to this after being laid off from law enforcement. And whatever field you may be in, or if you are thinking about this being a first career, I say DO IT!
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  3. by   jetro
    In my class it's half of th class.

    I think men are starting to gravitate to nursing. Specially since there's so much lifting. But most of em quit during fundamental clinicals since you have to clean butts and poop and stuff lol
  4. by   twinner05
    Yes just graduated with an exercise physiology degree and starting nursing in the fall. Pumped
  5. by   DrewNY
    Jetro - same here. I just passed my nclex but when I started my program a bunch of dudes dropped during the fundamentals semester.
  6. by   aTOMicTom
    Quote from gospa
    I work in an ER and I tell you that a work shift with me and two other guys is so much more relaxed, drama-free...
    From this sentence I deduce you are a man, right? I ask because your icon is the female symbol.

  7. by   seriouslyserious
    congrats... and any tips on the NCLEX? =)
  8. by   -AO-
    Just study through a couple of NCLEX books (Saunders, Kaplan, etc.). I wouldn't pay for any of the NCLEX prep courses ... over-priced imo. Plus, you already know everything you need to pass the exam. Just study those books, read the rationales on the answers, and understand how the test works and how it tests you. You'll do fine.
  9. by   MJH3483
    Depends on the location. We still only make up about 10% of the workforce but changing careers was the best decision I have ever made. I have never felt so appreciated and gratified at work especially with all of the opportunity that is out there for male nurses. Now I am in a CTICU Fellowship for one of the nation's largest health systems fresh out of college and working on an ICU as an aide.
  10. by   Argotech
    My class has gone from 7/72 in January to 5/68 in may and now 4/66 today. The rest of us are very dedicated, and it seems that we weeded out the ones who were just in it for the money.
  11. by   juan.ramirez0426
    Large amounts of males in my ADN program as well.