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I would like to get some feedback from both male and female nurses regarding the lack of male nurses...Do the male nurses feel stigmatized by working in a typically "feminine profession"? Do female nurses feel threatened by the prescence of men nurses? Why do you think there are so few men nurses?


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My idea is to stop using adjectives like "male" nurses where just nurses like everyone else. No better and no worse, I think this will go along way towards harmony and unity in the profession.

Just my 2 cents



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Ditto, forget the male/female stuff.

I have never been bothered by gender issues, it's the individual, not the race, gender, nationality or religion.




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Rats! I thought this was going to be a sex thing!! Sorry. I agree with Princessangel that a lot of it is economics. But the greatest part is personality. How many fathers do you know who change diapers? I'm just thankful for the men we have in nursing. They bring their special male wonderfulness to an essentially female profession. I expect the numbers will rise with the shortage we are experiencing.

I however, I have run into many gender type issues in my experiences. I am not sure why there are so few nurses that are of the male gender. I have been regularly disappointed with the communication or lack or from my female colleagues. Also the lack of direct confrontation, when something is not to a female's liking. Being written up, instead of confronted has been common. I could go on, put for me, that could be a sign of feeling threatened, or at least NOT appreciated.


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eek.gif I put this forth with some hesitation, but, what the hell I have opened my mouth at more inopportune times!

"Stigmatized" doesn't come to mind, but, perhaps"ostracized" (by male or female) by taking on what society believes to be a women's profession. I starting working with a all female staff, then, eventually there strolled in five male nurses within year.

I felt it made the work enviroment more dynamic, lighthearted and it brought a whole different viewpoint on work. Looking back I think the men felt more threatened by us women.


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I started out 24 years ago with me being the only guy in the department besides the orderlies! I like working with all ladies because they keep me in line. The only time I have a problem is during those times of the month when the "moon" is full and everyone should be aware.Right now there is one other guy working with us and he has been here for ten years. To get men to work in the OR is tough because they always want to go into the ER where all the action is, but that is OK because believe me we have our share of action in the OR.I do think more men will come into the field because in all reality job security is the main issue with men and not necessarily wages and such.We recently voted in a union and I had the oppurtunity to see a list of all the RNs in the hospital and out of 251, 16 were men.Not a high percentage. Mike


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My favorite was the little old lady who was admitted to my nursing home when I was 3-11 charge nurse. I went into the room with her 6:00 p.m. meds and she exclaimed "Oh... you must be the male nurse!" And I smiled and acted dumb and said "No, I take care of the women, too."


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I don't fel threatenned by male nurses, but I only work with one ocassionally. I think diversity can only help the profession, but a lot of guys want better paying jobs with more respect.

i think the reason there are few men in nursing(at least in the non management) role is simple economics. How do you support a family during child raising years on our wages? If your smart enough to nurse then your smart enough to work out the economic/social effect on your life and make the choice that takes you out of the game!

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