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I'm new to the forums and have read a few threads that seem to indicate that male nurses are openly discriminated against. Is this true? Does anyone have first hand expierence with this? I'm just curious because I have gone back to school to get a BSN for my 2nd career choice.

I'm not trying to start a flame war, just curious if this is true to any extent.

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Not that I've seen. I've been an RN for 2 years now, and have always been made welcome. The girls seem happy to have us there. There are a total of 5 men working on the unit, it's strange when we all work at the same time.

sure, male nurses are discriminated against, so are over weight nurses, underweight nurses, black, white, spanish,foreign,domestic,ugly, cute, snotty, self rightous, shy and bold nurses(did I forget any?). Should we care? Does it happen to women in male dominated careers? Yes! So persue the career you want. dont let ignorant people make you question yourself as A PERSON......(exiting stage left..............)

That is nice to know. How have you're expierences been? I'll have my BSN in May of 2006 and am just collecting data to see what I've gotten myself into :D

>> [dont let ignorant people make you question yourself as A PERSON >>

I'm not, just gathering data so I'll know what to expect. And no not all nurses are discriminated against.


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boomer....i know the two males in my graduating class felt like they were treated differently than the female nursing students. i'm not really sure exactly what it was they felt was different, but i know they believe they were treated differently. i think as a male entering a female dominated profession, it is easy to stick out and not 'blend into the crowd as much. sorry i don't have more to offer you.....good luck with school :)


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Still a student myself - but just judging from my clinical experiences in the hospital thus far I pretty much feel just the opposite of discriminated against!

Every person I have worked with from admin to doctors to nurses to aides have seemed to go out of their way to make me feel a part of the team

Every single place I have been has made me feel more than welcome and usually tell me they would love to have me work there after I graduate (One even offered me a job as an aide right then and there also)

From what I have been told and also my very limited experience thus far it seems to me that a male nurse is in high demand in most departments - I am sure there are those places such as OB where in some cases the patient may not want a male nurse (and I have been told that often it isn't the mother-to-be but rather her HUSBAND who has the probs with it) But life in general throws little things like that at us all the time doesn't it?

And if you truly wanted OB even as a male nurse I gaurantee you could find a place somewhere and work without missing a beat - maybe not everywhere but there is a place out there if you were willing to search for it - I remember reading of a male midwife who built up such a reputation that he has to turn people away because he is in such demand

The thinking here is that you can go in whatever direction you choose to go with the only limitations you have being those which you place upon yourself

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Now don't jump down my throat here, but what exactly do mean by discrimination? Do you mean, are you treated badly by patients? I am at times. Are you talked down to and disrespected by administrators? Happens to me on occasion. Do you mean you are outwardly told that you must be gay if you are a nurse? O.k, I admit no one has ever said that to me.

My point is, WHAT do you mean? I think that wea sll are or feel discriminated against at times. I have been called (in jest I am pretty sure) a J.A.P. (Jewish American princess). Yeah sure, theres trillions of us who are JAP's and deal with blood, vomit, craap adn pee daily. I don't EVEN wear jewlery or have false nails! I just am saying....oh hell, what was I sayin!?@???

Take care and welcome to the profession. All most of us care about is that you are skilled and compassionate.(Your patients will care)


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I am male and have been an RN since 1985. I have openly been made fun of by patients because I was doing "women's work," accused of being gay, and I firmly believe I was passed over for some management positions in the past because I was male but can't prove it. Also some of the doctors treated me this way as well.

I have never felt any sort of discrimination from my co-workers in any way. I was victim to some of the rude and vicious nurses that tried to take advantage of me when I was first out of school, you know the old nurses eating their young thing, but they did that to all of the new nurses.

As time went by I did not feel any sort of discrimination or being viewed differently in any way. I conducted myself as a healthcare professional, a good nurse and have had no problem since.

It is a great profession. I find that other nurses, doctors, and patients judge you more on your behavior, skill, knowledge, and expertise rather than gender.

By the way, I believe it is illegal to ask for assistance from a co-worker based on their gender. I saw this often in the psych hospital. Also they can't legally hire you because you are a "male" nurse. 'Welcome to nursing. Let me know if I can help in any way.

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Ive been a RN longer than AINZ and Ive never had those problems. Ive never been passed over. Ive always gotten what I went for. I dont have problems with doctors, maybe its because Im bigger than they are. No one confuses me with being gay. Im married and have raised 7 kids. Not overcompensation,just careless. My poor wife.

Ive been doing this for over a 1/4 of a century now. Started off as a Corpsman back in 1969. Still enjoy it.



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Where I went to school, the male students definately got away with things others (female) did not...

like, not showing up for class, getting assignments in late, sleeping in class, etc.This was well-known and I saw it all the time. Used to incense me....

At work, (especially in OB), the male nurse is a bit of a novelty, REVERED by some, reviled by others. (some ignorant people still believe men do not belong in nursing)!

Okay, flame me how you wish....these are my experiences I am talking of....

so based on my experience, yes, MEN can be discriminated AGAINST or FOR in nursing. like any other profession that is dominated by one gender or the other (the military comes to mind right now---I did 10 years in it).

I say follow Tom's advice. Enjoy what you are doing and don't worry about what others think so much. Your career and self-esteem will depend upon this simple rule.

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We only have one male nurse on my unit at this time, but there have those that have come and gone. I haven't personally seen any discrimination against them myself. I don't give a second thought about a guy being a's a good, honest living. Why shouldn't they is my question??? The only thing I do see commonly is that the guys veer towards the ICU and ER more so than the IU units or general floors. A lot of them are going forward to get the CRNA. As long as you are a great, skilled, knowledgable, teamplayer I don't care what gender you are.

There have been times when a couple of the older "ladies" request to be "cleaned up" by a female, but other than the wiping of the hiney they were cool with a male nurse.

Don't let someone else's personal opinion keep you from joining in on the "FUN":)

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