Male Nurse Disgusted by Female Nurses

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This male nurse is appalled at his female colleagues' behavior. Is he right?

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For me it does not make any sense when a stereotyping is a core of a topic.

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I have always been drawn to strong, smart, independent women. I am surrounded by them. I am in awe of them.



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Isn't he doing in this post EXACTLY what he is complaining about. Except instead of crying in a bathroom he is venting to strangers on social media.

Why isn't he out there trying to unite the nurses on his unit to bring change? This post reeks of hypocrisy and patriarchy, ugh.


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He is ? correct. Even if you are lucky enough to work some place that has good staffing, there is no reason you should not be advocating for it in all hospitals.

Seeing the apathy of our profession on this for the past 4 years has been discouraging a lot of times. But I keep advocating for the patients.

ALL patients in ALL hospitals in ALL states deserve the opportunity to receive safe patient care.



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yeah he was wrong to throw woman under the bus . The gender thing isnt an issue . I think its more of psychological issue with nursing . We dont communicate well and have different expectations of each other . and some people just dont take their lexapro lol ? but no its a psych ward out there

Janice F

Janice F

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"If you aren't part of the solution then you are part of the problem." If you see gaps, then fill them in. We can start with truth, transparency, and transformational leadership.

Male, female...we are bound by this wonderful profession. Let's all do our part and make it not just tolerable but rewarding all the way around.

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On 1/16/2018 at 11:37 PM, umbdude said:

It's a myth that backstabbing and pettiness only occur among females. I worked in a male-dominated industry for years before nursing...this stuff happened A LOT among guys, if not worse. I worked with several male bosses and never had a good experience, and a couple were downright horrible. On the other hands, my female bosses were always awesome.

I was a carpenter for many years, and I agree. In particular, I noticed that working on a smaller crew entailed much less of this than on a larger crew. A group of 30-40 people just seems more likely to include more jerks.

When I decided to become a nurse, I often heard that I would have to be in touch with my "feminine" side. I was interested in one of the posts that suggested it may be easier for men to adopt the roles of the opposite gender. That seems plausible-ish. Still, I see the women around me routinely exhibit the qualities we're taught to think of as "masculine." Cool under pressure, decisive, objective, logical...

I also find it interesting that the original "disgusted male nurse" claimed 1.5 years of experience. I've been a nurse for 15. I can still recall, if I think about it, how hard the first few years as a nurse were. Part way through my first year, a more experienced nurse remarked that it takes about 5 years to get comfortable. At the time, I was bummed--I'd hoped the end of the first year would be some magical milestone--but in retrospect, she was right. I guess I was lucky to have had much help and support through those early years, but even so, it did seem pretty bleak, at times. When you're struggling, every negative seems exaggerated.

I've also had the experience of returning to work after a year on disability. Hardest thing I've ever done, and there's no way I could have done it alone. I was mentored by people I had mentored, helped and encouraged by old friends, and helped and encouraged by new nurses hired while I was off, for no other reason than they were good people. If nursing has a problem with lack of teamwork, well, I just haven't seen it.

Maybe the tv commercials are right, and my testosterone levels have declined as I've aged. (OK, I know from Physiology that's true.) These days, I am a lot less certain what "masculine" and "feminine" even mean. There are differences, and those differences are interesting, but relatively minor compared to what we have in common as human. Most of the people I work with now are not only women, but Millenials. Stereotypes are dumb.


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This dude speaks 100% truth. Unity is unity whether its men or women. Since this is female dominated profession once they decide to unite on any unit, they can be unstoppable. Until will be more of the same.