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  1. RNinheart

    How often do you wash your scrubs? :)

    Hello, lovely nurses! We have just moved to MI and I found a lovely job at EC observation unit. So I see a big difference between the hospital I worked at and this magnet hospital. Nurses are so much appreciated and protected from verbal or any abuse here. (Sorry for a long introduction) So, I just wanted to share this with you. I had a little break and I missed my job soooo much! I always wanted to ask other nurses how often you wash your scrubs. I usually throw it into laundry after each shift and its condition gets worn off fast. So, do you, nurses, wash your scrubs after each shift or you think it is not necessary? Thank you
  2. RNinheart

    The Worst Interview of My Life! Ever!

    We moved to MI and I started job-hunting. My first interview was horrible and discouraged me but all other interviews went great. Nursing manager made me wait because she was with a patient. Then she came over to escort me to a conference room. She was looking at me as I kicked her cat or stole something from her. Never smiled. She asked me a complex questions and while I was answering she just interrupted me with another question. She kept interrupting me and looking at her watch. When I started answering her 100s question she interrupted me again and said to hurry with my answers because there were more questions. They didn't call me back and thanks God, because I hate declining positions.
  3. Interesting that short-staffing is each of the nurses' fault...
  4. RNinheart

    Did I ruin my chances of ever becoming a nurse?

    Dear, OP, You knew you were going to drug screening and that Xanax is a controlled substance... So, I don't understand how you "forgot" and are you taking it every day?
  5. RNinheart

    Scared.....No Nursing?

    I think you need to concentrate on patient safety and on what is really going on.
  6. RNinheart

    Forgot to restart my patients fluids

    If I have to disconnect fluids for IVP, I pause it, unhook it, and if I forget to hook it back up, IV pump will start "screaming".
  7. RNinheart

    Are you a "Sister?"

    In Russian, I don't think there is a title like RN. Only LPN and Doctors. Literally translating LPN/LVN is "Medical Sister".
  8. RNinheart

    HIPAA Violation, Fired

    It is no one's responsibility anymore to be a human being
  9. RNinheart

    Why did you become a nurse?

    i think you had an easy nursing school if you had one
  10. RNinheart

    Bullied psych nurse commits suicide

    Of course, it is very sad! But it seems like a victim was showing signs of an eating disorder especially when she started getting away from her family. Very often eating disorders lead to substance abuse. I think there is something else was going on besides her work environment. Just saying, it is hard to judge from such a vague statement.
  11. RNinheart


    All what I did before nclex is uworld questions. Uworld has like-NCLEX format of questions. I did almost 2000 and on nclex after 75 questions I was done. I would highly recommend uworld.