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Hi all!! I currently work ICU and am considering a change to the ER. What could I expect in making the transtion from ICU to ER? Any suggestions??

(Sorry this reply is so late)Actually, the fact that you work in an ICU is a BIG step right there. You should already have ACLS, if not, take it. PALS is helpful too. Once you get in the door you may eventually want or have to take the CEN, but they usually recommend to work the department for at least a year. Lastly, more importantly, READ READ READ. The Journa; of Emergency medicine is good. You could try some EMS related stuff, expecially if your ER gets trauma JEMS is a good start Good Luck

Hi, chubby.

I, like KatMcRN, am considering that change also. Do you have a number for subscriptions to that magazine? Thanks!

I resently was hired into a level 1 trama center er. After which

i was offered a UR position. I am torn between the two. I am tired of floor nursing and thought the ER would be different. Any advice.



Be prepared to become jack of all trades, master of none. If you don't mind doing 6 things at once. You have to lose the 1:1 ICU nurse mentality. I've worked with a few ICU nurses who tried ER, but couldn't do it. It's interesting, very rarely boring, frustrating and at times, can be dangerous. Learning about prehospital helps, theres alot of lingo that goes with the territory. Personally, I've been doing ER for 15 years, unless my legs/back give out, I'll end my career doing it.

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Best wishes. I too endorse the philosphy that you're never bored. You have to be person that really rolls with the punches. For certifications, personally I recommend ACLS, CPR, ENPC (done by the EmergencyNurses Association), PALS, TNCC (also thru ENA) and BTLS (Basic Trauma Life Support) This gives you an overview of adult, ppediatric resuscitations, pre-hospital care and cardiac care. All things you need to be comfortable with. However, I have worked in ICU before and after four years in a level one trauma center, wouldn't give it up for the world. Plus, with the nursing shortage we are a great commodity. Good Luck

I've done both and gone back to the ICU. Why? because I like spending more time with my patients, days to months, not just hours. I like getting to know the family and how this person fits into that family unit.

The ER is a great place to be, just wasn't the place for me. I agree with the others' comments about learning about pre-hospital and getting certifications. I do have to say I still am a member of ENA and I think the Journal Of Emergency Nursing is one of, if not THE best, nursing journals I've ever read. I learn more from that journal than any other.

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