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    Agency nursing good idea or bad?

    sallerella, As long as oyu're an experience RN and can "drop and run", agency may be you're best bet., I don't about Canadian salaries, but the payscale is lower in Baltimore than say, Pennsylvania or New York. Of course, the cost of living is less.

    Eating Your own???

    Agree with NurseyK 100%. The environment itself turns you into a broomstick rider..You have to deal with residents (I hate July) with Trauma Surgeons,worse yet, Fellows, "Oh, excuse me for not giving up me seat to you" You have people who are pissed ...

    Charge Nurse

    Unfortunately, the problem you're having is not umcommon. I don't have charge responsiblities in my present position (due to fact that I'm per diem, even though I have a significant amount of experience) but I have seen the shift charge nurse chewed...


    I must say I was surprised to read it...but you're right. Apparently, the new protocols coming out instruct laypersons to do the shake and shout business but dont check a pulse. It was found they were wrong in determining pulse/pulselessness (approx...

    New to ER

    Good Luck...That's a decent volume. Hopefully, you'll get through all your preceptorship before you're "counted" as staff. Just soak in everything you can and don't be afraid to ask questions. [This message has been edited by chubby (edited Septembe...

    Security Issue----Name Tags? What do you do?

    I know of many places where 1st and last names are used on name tags, interestingly enough, even though wearing names tags is required (jcaho), I know many people who do not. I myself dont wear my tag that often, more for security reasons than anyth...

    Triage in your ED

    One ER I work has a RN and a tech assist. the tech does the vitals, ekg's, blood draws while the RN gets all the otherstuff. I still know of plenty of ER's who are still registering their pts first...which as you posted is a direct EMTALA violation

    Crutches for ED Patients

    Cal, I understand the fiscal reasoning behind the crutches, but they certainly can't send someone out the door with a simple/nondisplaced fx without crutches..that's malpactice. How do they they justify fx sans crutches? The fire department deal soun...

    new nurse orientation

    I think orientations (or lack thereof) vary from ER to ER, shift ot shift, nurse manager to nurse manager. The old ER I worked, the new orientees are getting a much longer, involved orientation than I ever got. The ER I work now, what orientation? Lu...
  10. CHUBBY

    Union or not?

    Like the comment above, the key is to develop a STRONG union for Nurses, by Nurses. Non-nursing unions dont have some of the problems nurses face. I'm not sure that trash collectors are mandated to OT because someone called out, but nurses are manda...
  11. Both facilities I have worked at do not, but I know several nurses who went to work at a place that did it..and they quit. They said, had they known when they applied, they would have never taken the job. Another hospital I worked at , use to mandat...
  12. CHUBBY

    Transcutaneous pacing in ER

    I've used Zoll monitors for years. There has never been a "pacing protocol" per se. Usually, it's in a code situation, when you've given every drug in the box and there's still something pacable on the monitor. The doc turns up the MA until there's ...
  13. CHUBBY


    For new takers, the course is 2 days can cost anywhere from $150.00 to $200.00 (depends on who's teaching it) The first day is all lecture, the second day covers Mega code , skill stations, written test. The AHA has changed the way the course is tau...
  14. CHUBBY

    ER certifications

    Sorry, I can't help you with the NCLEX question. Depending on the ER, the minimum cert required is ACLS. Some places will require PALS, TNCC, or even NALS (if you see alot of peds). The general rule has been that if they require it as a condition of ...
  15. CHUBBY

    Violence in the Emergency Department

    I've been lucky, I've been threatened, but that's when the police get there and haul the person away. Years ago, a coworker was helping to comfort a man who had just lost his elderly mother . He reached over and punched her in the face, throwing her ...