Making Me Work For My Money this Year

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We have a 6 Type 1 diabetics in our HS. Can you believe it. Plus a student who gets several seizures. I'll be running around the school for sure! How is your load looking like this year?

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Wow. I've generally found that things come in spurts. I'll go for several years without seeing one and then on the first day I'll get three with bee sting allergies, or three diabetics, etc... Of course, we don't go back for a few weeks and I typically find out what I get the first day of school.

Yes, I am feeling like this year will be a doozy. I have my Type 1 who will be in 2nd grade, plus a 3rd grader with seizures and now three incoming K students with seizures. I also have several incoming K students with Global Delays so I imagine I will also be busy cleaning up bathroom accidents, etc.

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be busy cleaning up bathroom accidents,

Really?! eeek.

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I'm a little nervous about this year, too. I have ~1100 9th-graders in my school, and as of right now, I have one general ed student in a wheelchair who has to be toileted, one Type 1 diabetic that is poorly controlled, 2 or 3 with seizures, more asthma than I can count, and 3 or 4 with peanut allergies. I've been begging parents for doctor's orders and medication before the first day of school, and I hope that some of them do show up ahead of time.

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