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Magnet hospital nurse/pt ratios??


I'm curious...what are the nurse/pt ratios in magnet hospital settings? my hospital is trying to go magnet in 3 years and i DON'T see it happening. Just curious what the standard of care is out there........

The Magnet hospital that I will be starting at in January has a nurse to patient ration of 1 to 5. I was told that I will not get more than 5 patients. Hopefully it will stay that way once I actually start working there.


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no nurse patient ratios...focus is on inclusion of nursing into policy making decisions within the institutions.

magnet designation is an important recognition of nurses' worth

the magnet recognition program was developed by the american nurses credentialing center to recognize health care organizations that provide the very best in nursing care and uphold the tradition within nursing of professional nursing practice. the program also provides a vehicle for disseminating successful practices and strategies among nursing systems.

the magnet recognition program™ is based on quality indicators and standards of nursing practice as defined in the american nurses association's scope and standards for nurse administrators (2003). the magnet designation process includes the appraisal of both qualitative and quantitative factors in nursing.


are you ready to begin the magnet journey? take the self-assessment survey for organizations[color=#ffffff] or staff nurses[color=#ffffff] to find out...


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for those that previously responded to ancc staff nurse survey

staff nurse survey

your perspectives are important to the american nurses credentialing center's magnet recognition program. in an effort to continually improve the program, we would like to obtain your responses to this questionnaire.

by clicking the box next to the response that most closely corresponds to your opinion, indicate the degree to which each of the statements below describes the work environment in which you practice. when you have completed the questionnaire, simply click the "submit" button at the bottom of the page and your responses will be returned to us electronically and automatically.

although you are not required to identify the facility in which you work, doing so will provide us with valuable information that can be incorporated into our evaluations of current and prospective magnet facilities. if you do choose to indicate the facility where you work, rest assured that your comments are submitted completely anonymously, and we have no way of identifying individual respondents.

between june 1, 2003, and november 30, 2003, we received 607 responses from our web site survey of staff nurses regarding their opinion of the work environment in which they practice. comments were included with 520 of the responses. these survey responses and comments are seriously considered by the magnet recognition program and may impact programmatic decisions. of the comments, 19% were positive, 8% were neutral and 73% were negative. each of the questions in the survey was related to one of the forces of magnetism. the top three forces receiving comments were:

  1. quality of care (most frequently related to staffing concerns)

  2. quality of nursing leadership

  3. human resource policies and programs

issues pertaining to professional development and management style followed as fourth and fifth, respectively.

thank you for your participation.

survey link:


magnet designation was taken away from one facility based on several reports from staff nurses. this is not just a "quickie" award, but something that shows committment to having well established nursing policies and always striving to improve.

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I work in a Magnet hospital. We got the designation five years ago and just went through the process of re-certification. We'll find out if we got it next month.

I'm glad Karen included the above information, but they didn't seem to care about what our nurse patient ratios were.

Five years ago it was a joke to us, we were very doubtful we would get it. But we did. I think it improved moral 100-fold when we got it. This next time we didn't think it was a joke, we really want it now.

Good luck.

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