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Made a terrible mistake...

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Hello everyone...I am new to this site so please forgive me if I post in the wrong place. I have a dilemma I would like some advice about. I am an LPN looking to enter a LPN-RN program soon. Of course, the school I am hoping to attend wants transcripts from my LPN school. To my shame, while I was attending LPN school, I falsified a record in the clinical setting. It was a grave mistake. No patient was harmed...I put down that I checked a pulse when I did not. The reason I did this horrible mistake was because (if I remember correctly) it was my first day and I was very nervous and was to scared to ask for help. So I lied instead. I was afraid of being ridiculed..I am not trying to excuse my behavior, I am 100% to blame. I am just trying to explain my behavior..In the following events, I was suspended for a day, but I obviously still graduated and received my license. Please do not think I do not understand the severity of my actions. I do. It was a foolish thing to do. And I paid for my actions. I did nothing but work for months and I feel like I earned my diploma and license and repented my mistake. My teacher agreed, as well, or I do not think he would have graduated me. This mistake will never happen again, I can promise you...My problem now is Im afraid it will prevent my getting accepted to my mobility program if it shows up on my transcript which im sure it will....I am lost now and have no idea what to do. I would appreciate any advice...thank you.

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Here's something simple you can do. Order an official transcript from your school and see what's actually on it. Then you can get on with life instead of freaking out about what you think will be revealed (or not) on that transcript.

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My problem now is Im afraid it will prevent my getting accepted to my mobility program if it shows up on my transcript which im sure it will
Disciplinary action typically does not appear on transcripts. I was disciplined during my time in an LVN program in one state and an RN bridge program in another state, and neither action appears on any of my official transcripts.

Good luck to you.

Thank you both...especially for not being quick to judge..


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Official transcripts have the record of the classes you took and the grades received. That's all. Good luck with school!

It seems on the application it is asked if you have ever been suspended or on probation...so I have no choice but to tell them about my suspension. And of course lying is not an option. So I will reveal my mistake and hopefully they will understand I have thoroughly learned my lesson and will never make a mistake like that again. And seeing as how it was my first offense...I believe I deserve a second chance. I hope they think so as well...

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Does it ask if you've ever been suspended or put on probation for work or put on academic suspension/probation? Make sure you understand exactly what it's asking for.

I'm not saying you should lie about your past. I'm saying that you shouldn't necessarily volunteer information that isn't needed.

Since you're in an LPN->RN upgrade program, it very well could be referring to your practice (work) as an LPN and nothing about your educational experiences...

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It specifically says suspension or probation for school. So no luck :(


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It would be a good idea to annonymously call the nursing advisor at the school to specify what they mean by suspension/probation. This usually does not include clinical punishments but rather academic. And by that I mean academic suspension/probation for poor grades or disciplenary action for cheating. Not for being suspended from 1 clinical day for a mistake.

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Academic suspension and probation is likely different than what happened to you. Typically academic suspension results in being dismissed from a program not made to sit out for a day. The best way to solve the problem is to talk to and admissions counselor for the school you are applying to abd find out exactly how to answer the question. My gut would be that you could answer "no" safely on that question but it depends on the precise verbiage and definition

I definitely didnt have any academic problem...I was first in my class. Thank you both for mentioning that. I honestly didnt think of that.

I am not aware of any school that asks for Lvn transcripts so not sure how this would come up. Usually LVN-RN programs just ask for your license and as long as you have an active valid unrestricted license you are good to go. Check with the school you want to apply for before you reveal information that isn't needed.

All the applications I've completed for LVN-RN asked about probation or suspension in regards to actually working under you license not in school.