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    My hospital allows diffusers for essential oils in labor and delivery and I think its fabulous. They are trying to get back to other techniques for pain management than medication. All the rooms are private and the smell stays very localized to the small area.
  2. Lvn1973

    3 DUIs What are my Chances of Being an RN?

    I can tell you from the california board's perspective. You absolutely CAN become an RN but with 3 dui's you will be considered a substance abuser. What they will want to see is that you are sober, have gone through some sort of recovery program such as day treatment, residential, or intensive outpatient program, are attending 12 step meetings (get card and have signed each meeting for proof), have a sponsor, possibly doing volunteer work, letters of recommendation, and if possible have documented sobriety (there are different ways to do this such as signing yourself up for testing, a program called sober link, or through you medical insurance chemical dependency program). I have 2 dui's and a misdemeanor reckless driving with injury. I got my lvn license from a private vocational school and my rn license from a public community college. At no time was my background an issue with either school just the nursing board. When you are issued an RN license from the board it will almost certainly be a probationary license. This will include nurse support meetings, 12 step meetings, and biological fluid testing ranging from 3-5 years. All of this was worth it to me because sobriety has changed my life and being a nurse is my calling and I would do anything and jump through any hoops to be a nurse. All these steps feel minor compared to how complicated my life was when I was using. If you don't become sober and make excuses for why the dui's happened I can tell you all bets are off with the board and your chances to get your license will be zero.
  3. You definitely have a very good chance. In my opinion they may deny and you may end up with a probationary license at first. You will have to go through the process of getting an attorney, gathering letters and proof of rehabilitation, etc. I have gone through a similar process and isn't quick nor easy but if your dream is to be a nurse all the extra work and hoops you will need to jump through will be worth it.
  4. Lvn1973

    Contra Costa College ADN Program

    The results are in! I called yesterday and I am in top 30 but they are still determining how many spaces will be available this year. Letters will go out this week!
  5. Lvn1973


    I am an LVN and attended school after a DUI conviction misdemeanor and a second misdemeanor of reckless driving for a separate incident. I never had any issues at clinical sites and worked after with no problem being hired. I did however have to fight the board to get my license after passing my nclex. I eventually settled with a fine of 500$ (no probation no restrictions). The whole process took about a year because they are EXTREMELY slow and under staffed. Don't let the board bully or scare you if they give you problems build your case with letters of reference and proof of rehabilitation and you will get your license! I am in California.
  6. Lvn1973

    Questions in regards to Teas V

    I bought the ASI TEAS study guide from the website and I can tell you the questions are identical the the ones you will see on the test (at least for me). If you plan on applying for multiple schools then I would study everything to make sure you get the highest score possible because most schools look at your first score. If you know for sure you will be attending that school then I would only study the parts they will look at. Also, no calculators are allowed you are given scratch paper.
  7. Lvn1973

    "Don't Work" Isn't An Answer

    I was a CNA while in LVN school and found the best fit for my schedule was to work for a home care nursing registry. It gave me the flexibility required during nursing school and the option for me to increase or decrease my hours as I needed.