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LVN Student, looking for someone to interview for cultural assignment.

by Buttney Buttney (New) New

Hi, all! So like the title says, I am hoping to find someone to interview for a cultural assignment that is due in a few weeks. I took to allnurses to try to find someone, as I moved after being accepted into this VN program and don't know anyone outside of my classmates. :/

We are allowed to choose what culture/religion/ethnic group for the project, and I honestly don't have a specific one in mind. If you wouldn't mind me asking you a few (okay, 23) questions, I can pm you my email address.

Admins, if I have put this in the wrong thread, or if this isnt allowed, let me know and I will hopefully be able to take my search elsewhere.


JustBeachyNurse, RN

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Not the best choice and twenty three questions are a lot. Why not try your local assisted living or senior center? Many have cultural groups and I guarantee you will learn something fascinating from seniors when discussing culture!

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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Agree with JustBeachy. Unless you need a nurse to interview, you have a wealth of options out there. And if it needs to be a nurse, there's still a wealth of options out there. Asking someone to respond in writing to 23 questions is a lot of work on their end. However, taking notes while they talk puts the work on your end and makes things easier on the person helping you out.

I'd love to help! I'm Haitian and was originally born and raised in Cali.

Here's the problem on an online forum you have no way of verifying if someone comes from a different culture than you. I could tell you that I am Korean and you would never know (I'm not).

The other thing is that you miss out on the experience of interacting with someone from another culture which I am sure is one of the reasons that the assignment was assigned.

To find someone to interview in person see if your college has an English as a second language program. If so reach out to them and explain that you are a nursing student and what you are doing. If not at your school than check at a university nearby.