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LVN program vs finishing prereqs for RN

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Hello everyone, Alice here.. I'm in desperate need for some advice and encouragement. I thought I knew where I wanted to take my next steps into the nursing profession, but now I'm just lost and confused. I know what I want to do with my life, I just don't know what I want to do to get there! I'm 20 years old and technically a "2nd year" in college. I'm still attending a community college, trying to finish up my general eds. My ultimate goal is to be an RN. That is my goal and that is my passion. I've never been so sure of anything in my life before. I love people and I cherish our human life so much. I want to be able to help and give back in this world. I know I have to drive and passion to do so, but I just don't know what I should do to get there..

I've sort of opened my options to taking up a LVN program at Concorde University. I would be taking out a loan to do so, and that wasn't a problem to me because I thought that I would be able to work after wards and pay it off. But now I hear that there are so many unemployed LVN's and a higher demand for RN's. I don't know if I should just stay at a community college to finish up my prereqs for RN or start with the LVN program. To be honest, I'm feeling like I'm getting nowhere at a community college. I know in reality, I am, but it's a slow progression and I just don't want to waste my time anymore. I'm already behind in my courses.

I don't care what it takes to get to become a nurse. I know that it will take much time, hard work, and dedication to get there. I'm almost in tears right now, because I just don't know what to do. :cry:

Thank you.


That isn't true about lpn's. Nurses are always in high demand. Sure there aren't many hospital jobs for lpn's, but there is home health and long term care. I too have felt like you did and my ultimate goal is to be an RN as well. Last year I started college, community college, and finished all of my pre-req's for the lpn program. I got my letter of acceptance today. And this past semester I took nurse aide classes to be certified in that. Don't doubt yourself, you can do it. I think you should go along with lpn, then you can work as that while going back to school for rn doing a bridge program.

Investigate the job market for LPNs in your area. If you are willing to get the LPN license primarily for the advantage of an LPN to RN bridge program, then go ahead. It might be helpful in this respect if you can't get a job in the meantime. But if jobs are abundant for LPNs where you live, then this is a good idea. You have to weigh your options after you do some research on your circumstances. Good luck with your decision.

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Hi hun ! Just wanted to encourage you abit. I'm also 20 and I'm currently in the LPN program.

I've decided to do both. Over the past 3 years I've been doing my prereqs for the RN program while doing my LPN. Now ofcourse once I started Nursing school I stopped my prereqs but I still got most of them out the way.

In July I have my pinning ceremony and in the fall I plan to finish up my prereqs and apply for a BSN program.

Yes, RNs may have more opportunities but LPNS are still used as well.

Sort out your options and decide was best for you and your circumstances.

For me doing my LPN first was best for me. Either way you'll get there, we'll get there together.


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Hi there,

That's great you have realized your passion in helping/caring for lives.

My suggestion for you is to see your school counselor and evaluate your options. Make sure you ask for a counselor for Nursing majors--this way they can answer specific questions on options you can take in preparing for a Nursing career.

Remember that even if you go through a full-time, 12 months LVN program and pass the LPN/LVN NCLEX exam, you must still complete all your prerequisites to get into a LVN to RN bridge program.

Believe me from experience--just because you pay for a private college LVN program, does not mean you get what you pay for. Disappointingly even the public community college curriculums are more organized, well structured and have better teachers than the private colleges that offer these expensive LVN programs.:o

In the end, if you decide to pursue a LVN program, you should look into a less expensive route like ROP. Also, you should try to exchange contact info from a student already enrolled in the program even if you bump into them while visiting the school. This is a possible way of getting feedback from students already in the program.

What has helped me tremendously that I encourage you to do is to focus on enjoying the journey and asking God for wisdom.

Best wishes in pursuing your Nursing career.

Take care,


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I'm going to be one of those people who say, "Me too, me too!" I'm basically done with my RN prereqs for my college of choice. I'm waiting on the acceptance letter for the accelerated RN program. I've calculated and recalculated my GPA, emailed admissions, dotted i's, crossed t's...AND...applied to a local LPN program at a community college- just incase. The LPN is 12 mos. The RN is 10 mos (I already have a BS in Psychology). Now I am banging my head against the wall with "What to do if...?"

On the one hand, I can reapply to my college of choice if I don't get accepted for Fall, wait, & MAYBE get accepted for Spring.. Or, I can go through with the moderately priced LPN program and in 12 mos be done w/ it and continue w/ a bridge. This seems like a reasonable option for me because I have a family.

I have asked so many different nurses' advice and get varying answers. Some wish they would have gotten LPN 1st, some are glad they did, some say wait for RN b/c salary is much better and doing LPN 1st will cost in the long run. I still don't know, "What if...?" but I will say, you have to do what is best for your situation, and I don't think the answer will be crystal clear. My feeling is that I'd rather get started in SOMETHING (LPN) than sit around taking every prereq in creation for 3+ RN programs. In 12 mos, I'm done and can move on and possibly even work at the same time. If you get to working in your field as an LPN, you can be earning income you otherwise would not be earning if you were putting it all into an RN program. It might save you money on tuition, cost of living, etc, especially if you are going to have to make loans to afford tuition and living expenses.


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First, let me just say how much I admire your character! I think you will make a great nurse.

That said, I'd like to know if there is an LVN and RN program at your community college. If so, I think you would be best served if you applied to the LVN and RN program AND the BSN program at your local university. At least that way you will have more opportunity. If you are rejected from the ADN and BSN program, but accepted into the LVN program, well, at least that's a start.

I'm sure you will find a job. Go to a career counselor at your school and have them help you make a "brilliant" resume to land that job you want. In the end, if you start out with your LVN, at least you would have a year of nursing school under your belt. Many people enter the "higher" level nursing programs with an air of arrogance, not really understanding what it is about, and flunk out.

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