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Lvn or Phlembotomy?


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I'm taking pre reqs currently and stay in california. ive been a cna for five years but seeking more growth. i was wondering has anyone had success with either one? i want to apply for a better job while pursing nursing. thanks

If you're pursuing nursing wouldn't lvn be the correct way to go as it is nursing? Am I just reading this wrong (been a long night)

shan409, ASN, BSN, LPN, RN

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If you plan on only working in the lab, then phlembotomy would be for you, but you will need to further your education...cytology or some type of histology bachelors.

If you plan on nursing being your career, then you can bridge through your nursing education. LPN, then RN, then BSN, etc...

Alisonisayoshi, LVN

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I am doing my LVN in ca to bridge to my RN. I did it because the RN programs are so impacted in my area, but the bridge seats almost never fill. Also, where I live, LVN are still employed in the ER and in Med Surg, and the SNFs always hire. I researched throughly before I made my decision to pursue LVN and then bridge. I suggest you do the same. Research if you live somewhere were LVN is employable. In California there is an abundance of nurses in general. I know where I live the phlebotomy market is so saturated, it's a pointless pursuit if you actually want to work. Again, research, look at job opportunities, call facilities. Call colleges, ask about bridge seats.


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Phlebotomy pay is terrible. I would do lpn. At least you can bridge to RN and have more opportunity for advancement

I am a certified phlebotomist and did it to test the waters in the medical field. I've had a very hard time in the past finding work as a phlebotomist,I couldn't even get a per diem job. Most Phlebotomist I talk with say you have to have experience as a MA. I'm a CNA and do not work but had more luck with job opportunities. Just got accepted to nursing school in the Fall and this was always my goal. I say go with what you are more passionate about, but I definitely believe there is more opportunity with nursing. Good luck to you!