Anyone here who did the LVN-BSN at UOPX? Did you graduate? able to take the NCLEX RN and became an RN? I'm considering doing this program at the UOPX in california modesto facility. The lady said that because i am an LVN i will do the LVN-BSN, that is encompasses RN. I want to be sure I am able to really sit for RN boards before I start anything.

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Just my opinion: I've heard of quite a few people who chose this route and became RNs. They have at least one physical campus near me in Atlanta. I chose not to go with them because the recruiter told me that there were absolutely no online LPN-ASN programs in existence in this country. That was 8 months before I received my ASN degree online from Excelsior College (no longer accepted in California). That lie is what deterred me from them back in 2009.

But, to answer your question, they are a legitimate institution. If you state's BON accepts the degree (check with them before you enroll), you will be allowed to sit for the NCLEX.

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I was always deterred from any and all LPN to BSN programs when I looked into them because of a variety of reasons.

1. I refused to retake all of my med-surg, pharm, and other PN classes over again; the BSN programs in my area only gave me credit about the first semester of my PN certificate, leaving 2 full semesters completely out in the rain.

2. I didn't want to spend 2-3 years completing a degree and waste anymore time making that fat paycheck that 1 year in a bridge program could provide me... and seriously... my paychecks are HUGE now. 72 hours / pay period as an RN is = 96 hours / pay period as an LPN receiving overtime and extra incentive pay (ie: $10/hr extra on top of base pay and overtime rate for 14 of those 96 hours). Like seriously... wow....

3. I only needed to spend $4,000 - $6,000 for my LPN-ASN bridge program as opposed to $20,000-$45,000 for my LPN-BSN

However, it might just be worth you're while to go straight for a BSN; it is definitely less overall time spent in school... I've been in school for 8 years just slowly working for that ASN and now I'll probably spend another 8 years working towards that BSN. However, it is a strong promotion for life long learning and I do enjoy that!

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I want to be sure I am able to really sit for RN boards before I start anything.
Being the educated consumer that you are, you could visit the California Board of Registered Nursing's website and personally verify whether University of Phoenix is on their list of schools that are approved to operate nursing programs.
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Whatever you do verify it with the CA BRN, they are RIGID and their rules differ from other states.