1. I have a question as I have been off of work for 11 months or so. I have been back to work for a week and what I saw tonight I feel should not Have happened. I have not worked in the memory care units so I do not know if this should be done on knots as I'm new to a memory care Unit. This mehdi tonight was having difficulty getting a resident to take his medication. She put it in pudding . The 1st time it was whole the 2nd time she smashed it in each time this resident had spitted out so this nurse that I was with he is the evening supervisor. He got a syringe put a little bit of water with the 3rd round of meds and he liked to the resident he then put the syringe in the residents mouth he closed his mouth in plug his nose so he would swallow the medicine This gentleman is very agitated and aggressive and won't settle down without his medication am I in the right if I call it in or am I in the wrong
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  3. by   Nascar nurse
    I'm not sure what a medhi is and some of your post is difficult to figure out what you mean, BUT anyone putting medication in a syringe and plugging a resident's nose so they will swallow has abused the resident. This should have been called to the administrator immediately if this occurred in a long term care facility.
  4. by   amoLucia
    That was unacceptable practice way back even when I started LTC in late 1970's! This definitey should go up the chain-of-command.
  5. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Horrible way to treat someone.
  6. by   Neats
    That is considered assault. I would go report right away.