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LPN to RN.. how was it for you?

Currently I'm applying for LPN classes, and I am super excited!!!! Its not my dream job, but this is a leap towards doing what I want to do. (I need out of retail ASAP lol). I'm really wanting to become an RN (maybe even get my BSN) and I'm getting mixed reactions from those around me- some good, and some skeptical.

So how was it for those of you who have done the LPN program and gone on to become an RN?

It was well worth it! I was fortunate enough to have a wide variety of jobs as an LPN, which gave me tons of valuable experience. A lot of those LPN jobs don't exist any longer, unfortunately, as the LPNs were replaced with RNs. Having LPN experience, then getting my RN, opened so many new doors for me. I really felt like it helped me with getting hired over other new grads. I also had a lot of confidence transitioning from an LPN to an RN because of my LPN work experience. I'm not so sure that would have been the case had I not worked as an LPN.

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

Specializes in Case mgmt., rehab, (CRRN), LTC & psych.

I transitioned from LPN to ASN to BSN. Now I'm in a MSN program.

So far, the journey has been worth it, although the road has been long and winding due to my status as a nontraditional student with weak math skills.

I started as an LVN because the LVN program did not require math coursework prior to or during the schooling. I also selected the particular LPN-to-ASN program that I did because it also required no math courses.

I would have never been able to enter the nursing profession if options such as the LPN and ASN did not exist.


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My experience mirrors TheCommuter's...math and all!! I was accepted into to MSN programs in January of last year. But I withdrew from the one I selected for personal reasons.

I will forever value my LPN years (24); but I have to recommend that, if all possible for you, skip to the chase and go directly for the RN. Today's nursing trends are kind of turning a blind eye to LPNs, depending on where you live. Just research your options carefully. Good luck to you!

LadyFree28, BSN, RN

Specializes in Pediatrics, Rehab, Trauma.

I worked as an LPN for five years prior to entering a BSN program; in my area, a BSN will get one at the top of the pile.

I obtained an associates degree before I entered my PN program that had all the pre-reqs for a BSN program should I decide to return to school; that was always my goal was to be an RN; it made it more so once I had enough hours to become certified in a specialty, only to find that RNs could ONLY be certified in the specialties that I worked in (Peds and Rehab)

I worked in addition to Pediatrics and Rehabilitation nursing, I worked in Ambulatory care, LTC, as well as a Medicare chart reviewer and in Home Health, so I had a sense and foundation prior to entering my BSN program; the positions that I accepted and gained experience in help me everyday as I have successfully transitioned into the role of the RN.:yes:

TheCommuter, What school did you attend for your LPN and RN


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