LPN before RN???


I am a single mom who lives in Chicago with no college experience. I have worked in a doctor's office doing billing, surgery scheduling, patient check-in, etc.... I want to pursue a RN degree BUT I need to be able to work at least part-time and would need financial aid in the form of grants, scholarships....I am considering Triton or Oakton. Anyone have any advice??

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Don't know anything about those programs but I think the LPN first option is a great one for those of us that need to work while finishing up in school. Check out local community colleges because they often have great, inexpensive LPN and then LPN to RN bridge programs. Good luck.


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Hello.....I am currently an LPN that is doing the RN transition........I have learned ALOT as an LPN and I think that it has made the transition a breeze but I kinda wish I would have went straight for my RN first. I only did the LPN because the waiting list for the RN was 3 years and I got right in to the LPN program............Good luck!

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If there is any way you can get your RN without going the LPN route, do that. There is a difference between the job of an LPN and RN. It is far better to just go straight to RN training.

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For me, going straight for my LPN is better...After I get my LPN I plan on doing the LPN-BSN. I currently work five days a week full-time while in the LPN program. I can't imagine working full-time for 2-4 years while trying to obtain a RN degree. I'm single, not married and don't depend on anyone to support me. Being a LPN first will help me to be financially stable while part-time to finish up my degree. When people say to me " Why don't you just go straight for your RN? I say " If you can find someone to pay my bills for the next two years, then fine, I'll go straight through, but until then I'm going to get my LPN, and then RN.


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I start an LPN program on 2/9 here in KC at Colorado Tech University, I have seen many posts that state LPN are being phased out. I plan on doing the bridge to RN, don't know how much longer for that tho. Any ideas? I have heard an addtl 4 mnths. I am doing a whole career change, needing something more solid. Anybody know of any grants that will help me pay for schooling? I am already indebted to Univ of Phoenix for 15k

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