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Southern girl, born and raised, single parent of 3 kids

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  1. Med administration

    Hello. I am looking for support or guidance on some issues I’ve run across lately in LTC and in other specialties. I have been an lpn since 2011 and just recently acquired my RN. I was offered and accepted a position as a night shift supervisor at a...
  2. Can I Refuse an Assignment?

    I was a new nurse, had no idea I could buy professional liability insurance. Needless to say it's still BS when you have to defend yourself against lies! I every time I think about it i get livid. Wrong is wrong and they had no right to turn me into ...
  3. Can I Refuse an Assignment?

    This is the reason I've come to despise nursing. In Oct 2013 I refused an assignment on a unit that had just opened up in our facility. It was for new "psych" patients...I worked psych primarily level 2, these were level 4 equipped with a take down t...
  4. Medication Nurses

    I have worked for a company that only did med set up and diabetic foot care. They were being paid by medicare? or medicaid? I dealt only with a certain demographic. The only order that we had was the medication order. We weren't allowed to change any...
  5. Private Pay Home Health Care

    Hi Ms Walker, I am an LPN and looking to do the same coupled with medicaid pts to provide limited care. Ive also applied for my missouri medicaid number. Maybe we can do this journey together and then go our separate ways?
  6. I think I care too much

    Gosh me too!! The bottom line is filling beds! I hate nursing ugh
  7. I think I care too much

    Nights are good especially if you have a good team of CNAs. Its more peaceful. I started working nights but my supervisor convinced me that I was too "strong" to work nights. I go back and forth
  8. I think I care too much

    I feel like Im in hell everytime I go to work. I feel like I need some hazardous pay for just showing up. Always under fire
  9. I think I care too much

    Yeah I wrote a long letter to the administrator, DON, ADON....and I thought compassion was a qualifier in being a nurse. I now know its a license. NO OTHER requirements. I am now looking into home health or working in a Drs office
  10. I think I care too much

    Ive been an LPN for 1.5 years and believe me when I say I was on cloud 9 after I graduated school. So fast forward to 2013 and what Ive noticed is that there isn't any "care" in this industry. I am tired of making enemies because I choose to do whats...
  11. new LPN night nurse

    Awww my first LPN was psych but my second was nights as I didnt stay at psych unit but a month. I LOVE nights. Its easy as heck(in a sense) you have more time to spend getting to know patients etc, you can take time with your assessments. Dont have t...
  12. Bending and Breaking the Rules in Nursing

    This post brought tears to my eyes. I too have broken rules! Its a beautiful thing to see that nurses do care. Ive only been a nurse for a year and Ive learned that many of us are in it for the wrong reasons. Here I am believing that there is no comp...
  13. I try to answer call lights to ensure that the patient has not fallen to the ground trying to go to bathroom/or get out of bathroom. If its a one assist, I dont have a problem but if it requires extensive assistance...yes I am coming to find you
  14. LPN VS ADN

    Well I have taken the compass test for placement, passed that one, waiting on test date to open up for TEAS test. I think I am going with one of the well known nursing programs in my area :)
  15. LPN VS ADN

    I was kicked out of nursing school(for reasons I prefer not to discuss -- school policy issue) I have a question. I currently have 57 credits towards and LPN certificate the schools that I have looked at so far only require about that much or a tad ...