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LPN to RN Program at NVCC, VA



I am currently an LPN completing all my my pre-reqs at Northern Va Community College to apply for the LPN to RN program. I am a mother of 3 and work full-time so it's taking me a while to complete my RN:uhoh3:. Has anyone done the LPN to RN bridge?

If so what did you think about it?

I was also reading other student's posts and some are recommending taking Bio 141/142/205 instead of NAS 161/162 route. Has anyone done the BIO 141/142 online? Who did you take it with? I do want to pursue a higher education in nursing (in the future), but right now I just want my ADN!

Future RN(i hope)

I took Bio 141 online as an 8 week class. It went really well, they give you all the materials you need to succeed. I was signed up for Bio 142, but dropped it last minute since we had to list our house for sale and I knew I wouldn't have time to dedicate to it. It shouldn't really matter which teacher you use, the class and tests are the same across the board.


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How did the online class and lab compare to real class?

hi avanurse1 i am also an lpn and just submitted my application for nvcc lpn-rn program i am so nervous but am trying to be postive!! i took the nas 161 & 162 route but also took microbiology which is why i think they want you to do the 141 route so you have a seperate microbiology i plan on getting my bsn after my rn and if i have to take a&p again then so be it.

have you completed you prerequistes yet?? have you submitted your application??

I applied LPN to RN at Northern Virginia community college, 5/21/2015. I've not heard anything from school yet. Does it means I didn't get it? ):

Anyone received email? let me know! good luck everybody. Thanks

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Acceptances usually come out around the 20th of June.


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