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I am an LVN, and I just started taking classes at my local community college to apply to their RN program. Then I got a postcard from Western Career college. Thay have an acceleratede LVN to RN... Read More

  1. by   simplykel
    Prerequisite Requirements for the Accelerated RN Program
    DEGREE CANDIDATE, prior to admission: Completion of college level transferable prerequisite courses with a minimum of "C" grade (high school courses will not satisfy any of the RN prerequisites):
    Human Anatomy with Lab (CAN BIO 10) 4 Units (within 7-years old)
    Physiology with Lab (CAN BIO 12) 4 Units (within 7-years old)
    General Microbiology with Lab (CAN BIO 14) 4 Units (within 7-years old)
    General Psychology 3 Units
    Human Growth & Development/Lifespan 3 Units
    Sociology (Intro. or Cultural Diversity) 3 Units
    English 1A (Freshman Composition) 3 Units
    Speech (Oral or Interpersonal Communication) 3 Units
    Intermediate Algebra (or higher level college math) 3 Units

    The following items are required to be considered for admission into the next available class:
    R Completed RN Program Enrollment Application. Please contact the RN-Administrative Assistant for application deadline dates.
    R Application Fee in the amount of $35.00, payable to Western Career College.
    R Passing Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) results page. Please call the RN office if you need a schedule of dates that we offer at our campus. Testing cost is $20.00 per exam and due at time of testing, in the form of cash, check or money order.
    R Copy of current/active California VN License and proof of IV Certification.
    R Health Care Provider CPR certification, Criminal Background, and Drug Screening clearances, after preliminary acceptance into the Program.
    R All official transcripts from colleges and universities you attended, in their original sealed college envelopes.
    R If you have college transcripts from outside the United States, you must have them evaluated by a professional evaluation company before WCC can accept them. Please contact the RN Office for a referral list.
    VN-DEGREE STUDENTS: Unofficial WCC transcripts will be accepted, however, you must submit official transcripts from all outside colleges even if you have submitted them previously for the VND/Prerequisite Program. A new official set is required to apply for the RN Program. "In progress" reports are due by the application deadline and is the student's responsibility to obtain and submit to the RN Office.

    I asked them about the tuition fee.
    9 preq. course cost $21,000
    RN program cost $38

    If you finished all the preq I totally recommend you go WCC
    The program only 8 month long..
  2. by   nancerino
    FYI-I just talked with the director of admissions a few days ago. He gave me the following information:

    LVN-RN (18 mo.) program is $67K
    If you have the prerequisites done, then it's 2 semesters (9 mo.) costing $9500/semester + clinical fees

    ADN-BSN (18 mo.) program is $40K. It's 2 days/wk & no clinicals.

    Bachelors (36 mo.) program is $116K. There are upper division prerequisites in addition to the other ones. I didn't write everything down, but biochemistry & cultural pleuralism were the ones that stood out.

    Also, the programs are accredited by ACICS, BRN approved. I'm not sure what that exactly means, but it might be something to look into.
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  3. by   SFCCgirl
    Although it's more expensive, it's worth it because they offer way more services than any other college -
    • Small class sizes
    • Day & evening programs
    • Job placement assistance
    • Counseling & tutoring services
    • Learning resources include our excellent faculty, skills lab, computer lab & O'Connor Hospital Medical Library
    • Member of Daughters of Charity Health System
    • Financial aid available (for those who qualify)
  4. by   Samantha Jane
    Do you know how they stack up against Unitek in Fremont? I am struggling here trying to decide which one to go to. Money and time already noted. Just wondering about class experiences, faculty, whatever you can think of.
  5. by   Samantha Jane
    What are your opinions on wheter or not Unitek's 11 mos course would be just as informative/educational as opposed to WCC 16 mos program? Do you think it's the same info basically, but at a slower pace at WCC? Seems likely but I'd like to hear anyone's thoughts. Thanks.
  6. by   straitfan52
    The nursing board has to approve the curriculum so I would bet most programs have the same content, just taught at a different pace. So if you need time to think and absorb information, then a longer program is probably better because if you fail out of the fast program, then by the time you go back to repeat the classes you failed, you should have gone to the longer program to begin with. Students who have some healthcare experience already as EMTs or CNAs seem to do better because they already know the terminology and alot about common illnesses and how things work in the healthcare facilities.
  7. by   dren21

    I am about to start the LVN program at Western. I will keep you posted how it goes. I start school on the 27th of this month (July 09) So far everyone seems hella cool
  8. by   kayakgirl58
    Okay, this post is 2 years old and still active. I would really like to hear from the original posts to see if they pursued Western and to see how the program went. Are they having difficulty transferring their credits to the bachelor's program. Tks.
  9. by   krystyle25
    I'm thinking about going through the LVN program at WCC then doing the bridge to the RN program..

    Right now I'm going to Chabot and I'm taking/have taken Anatomy, Chem, Statistics, English, and Bio..
    So if I do plan to go with WCC, will they accept these classes?
    Should I stay at Chabot for about 2 more semesters and do more PreReqs here, so I won't have to pay like $19,000 for them at WCC?

    I also plan on pursuing my BSN afterwards if I choose this route, so does anyone know if that would be some kind of problem?
    Is anybody else in the same boat as I am?

    So many questions =)
  10. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    If your goal is to transfer to a BSN program then your best bet would be to do the JC route than to do WCC. I've heard mixed reveiws about the schools. I have a friend who attended that school and she loved it. Then I've spoken to others who've attended it and didn't like how it was structured.
  11. by   krystyle25
    well I'm not going to transfer to a BSN program like right afterwards..
    probably work for a while then apply to an RN-BSN program..
    so would that make a difference?

    and I'm trying to avoid the whole waitlist, lottery system, etc. at JCs and universities..
    I wouldn't mind going through that but I much rather not =)

    thanks for the reply!
  12. by   TheCommuter
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  13. by   oncology01
    they are really expensive and focus a lot on math I hear and its hard