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  1. by   Testingone
    Hey, my name is Ramelle I'm 46 Iv'e been an LPN for 18 yrs. Most of my career has been LTC. The past 4 years in assisted living as a wellness nurse, healthcare coordinator and now as an ED. I love this area of care it's health care with twist of hopitality. it is challenging, yet very rewarding. I just starting working on pre-reqs and I'm looking forward to becoming an RN.
    as an LPN we all know we can do the job but not having that piece of paper is no respect from others and much less pay. My hat is off to all who have gone through and made it. My hat is off to those of us who are going throgh and to those considering the challenge go for it.:spin:
  2. by   Lexxie
    Hi all! My name is Jolie and I've been an LPN for 2 1/2 years, working in LTC. I just enrolled in Excelsior College. Anxious to get started!!! There is limited positons for LPNs in the hospitals here, so I look forward to having many more opportunities as an RN. Good luck to everyone
  3. by   tlc365
    Hello to all -- My name is Bethany and have been an LPN for 3yrs and have enrolled and begun my education through Excelsior College. I passed Micro this month with an A and am sooo... relieved to have all my prereqs out of the way!! I am starting NC6 and working backwards to NC3 because NC6 has a lot of Micro related info on it. Anyway I am working at an inpatient treatment facility for women who have Eating Disorders -primarily Anorexia and Bulemia. I live and work in AZ and love it much better that where I am from -near Rochester NY. Best Wishes to you all who are studying and working hard- IT WILL PAY OFF
  4. by   Testingone
    Hey Bethany, that is great news congrads on your sucessful completion of micro. That is an encouragment to me as I am currently studying Micro with much anxiety. your sucess, is my hope looking forard to completion.
  5. by   LucasRN
    hi all, my name is chris and i have been an lpn for twelve years!! i recently completed the excelsior program and am scheduled for my rn ncclex next friday the 10th of august"yikes", i wish you all the greatest of success in your future endeavor to become an rn, i have to say that i plan to become the greatest advocate for lpns if, god willing i am successful with my boards! you"we" are a special breed of people, you can not teach someone to CARE~!!!! good luck to you all!!!
  6. by   no er holds
    Hi! My name is Anna...mother of 13-going-on-30 year-old daughter, wife to hard-working husband, currently working in a trauma center in SoCal. Finished all pre-reqs this semester and decided to take a semester off after 6 years of non-stop school. Got accepted to bridge program at local community college. Love being an LVN but it's time to make more money. The daughter decided she wants to be a much for early retirement! (We are very proud and will be very broke unless she gets some scholarships.)
  7. by   Testingone
    Hey Anna looking forward to chatting
  8. by   Neal4578
    I just graduated from LPN school and am currently looking at LPN to RN schools. I live near Cinicnnati OH. Not sure where I am going to end up just yet. Waiting to take my state board.
  9. by   MsTasha
    Hello Everyone!
    I have been a LPN since 2003. I did one year in LTC, Then I got a job at a mental health Facility for teen girls.. For the most part they are really fun. Im in the ADN program graduating In July 2008. Im taking Transition LPN to RN, BIO 248, and English 2. I hope to move to Texas and do med surg for one year then go into OR or psych nursing...
  10. by   yogaluvr
    Hello all you bridgers or soon to be bridgers..............

    I am a 26 soon to be 27 year old LPN and have been since Feb/03. I am in my third semester of ADN program and will graduate in May of this year......WOOHOO I can't wait. I have worked in all kinds of areas: Surgical, Oncology, Dialysis, Interventional Radiology and, Orthopedics. I am hoping to get into an OR when I graduate. My husband and I are planning on moving and the hospital I am looking at has an internship program for any new RNs that don't have OR experience. Hope all of you do well in your studies. I have two Med/Surg critical care classes and one management class left.

  11. by   DebanamRN
    Hi, I'm Debbie and have been an LPN since Oct 06. I'm currently working in a small ER, I just started here 3 weeks ago. Prior, I worked on a med-surg floor at a very large trauma hospital where I was used as an aide and not a licensed nurse. The ER is a better fit, I'm used as a nurse and fully utilize my license here. I'm also going to the local college's one day a week program starting in Sept, so I'm busy. Given that I'm a single mom to two really funny kids, who are never boring and keep me on my toes because they are so smart, I don't get bored, just tired! Good luck to everyone.
  12. by   tammyc-lpn
    this is great hope to get a lot of help information from those of you going thru the lpn to rn program. i am 45 years old and divorced with 3 kids and have been an lpn for 10 years. i will finish my associates degree in december of this year, and want to start on my bsn soon after. i work in geriatrics but hope to go back to hospital work after i graduate. i am also working on a forsenic certification thru the little rock pd where i am personal friends with the head of the cssi unit there.
  13. by   nursejoy1
    Hi!! I am a 35 year old, mother of one 10 y.o. son (Logan) Married for 15 years. Ihave been an LPN for 6 years at an LTC facility. 3 years as night shift charge nurse and 3 years as education nurse. I have almost finished my pre-reqs. Still have Microbiology and Human Growth and Development. Will apply next year for the LPN-RN Mobility program at our local CC. Luckily it is ALL online, except for tests and clinicals. Love this forum!!:spin: