Nursing or hospital jobs for foreign nurses in the US

  1. hello guys!I am a registered nurse in the Phils. who is now currently living here in Germany with my filipino but US citizen husband.Are there chances that i could work in a hospital/nursing home in the US even without passing first the NCLEX?Do they also require a license for LVN or asst.Nurses?I want to work while working out into completing my requirements so i could take the NCLEX-RN.I already passed my CGFNS but my TOEFL has expired and i am not so confident in passing the oral english exam bec. my friend took it for 9x before she was able to pass it.Please i need some advices...i'm really depressed
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  3. by   ruiji29
    Hello! You're from Philippines? Me too!

    I think.... You need to pass NCLEX, to work legally. NCLEX-RN if RN, NCLEX-PN if LPN. It's like the local board back in our home country.

    ey if you passed your TOEFL before, you can still pass it now. You won't really know if you'll pass or fail it if you don't take it, right? Do a lot of praying and studying. God bless in your exams!
  4. by   luv4nursing
    Check out the NCLEX forum here on

    There is a study program that uses the book/cd Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX RN. Susan is a moderator on this forum and she has a study method that helps students trying to pass the NCLEX. She also has instructions for foreign nurses. Those who use her program have a very high pass rate.

    Good luck!
  5. by   ruiji29
    cool... i want to try out the study program too! i'm taking NCLEX next year... my head feels empty.
  6. by   almoret
    I just ordered the Saunder's comprehensive review for RN book.I still don't have it and i think Ms. Suzanne will only accept those who will first try to answer some of the chapters there.I hope i can still join her study program
  7. by   tinroad237
    saunders' is really good. i studied it along with my review classes and i passed both CGFNS and NCLEX-RN. my tip is, when you're answering, focus on the question. don't think whether you'll pass or fail. put yourself in that moment so that all your attention will be on the exam. and pray.
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    This is a couple of years old