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I spoke to the teacher at the local community college today in Orange County and she said no one is hiring LVN's these days, especially not in hospitals. She said the LVN's we see at hospitals are... Read More

  1. by   joesgirllvn
    I have tried to apply for Home Health, but everyone keeps telling me they want one year experience. I am just gonna make a list of places and start driving around and dropping off resumes. What home health agency do you work for, and are they hiring new grads??
    Thank you!!
  2. by   joesgirllvn
    Thanks so much! I emailed my resume! By the way, how do you do private messaging? I am new to this site and can't figure it out!
  3. by   joesgirllvn
    Of Course not!! I wouldn't do that! I clicked on your name and it didn't give me that option!
  4. by   raekaylvn
    Well thats lame lol... oh well, anyone reading this thread will be wondering whats going on hahahaha

    Ok, good. Thanks for not saying anything. I'm waiting on hearing on a few things before I give my notice. The pay is decent, and the people are amazing. Let me know if you hear from them. I try and help out. Whats your name lol? That would help me help you.
  5. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    There's been plenty of jobs in various fields in my area. for LPNs.
  6. by   joesgirllvn
    Ya when I click on your name, it just says, view profile or see all the threads you have posted. I have no idea. My name is Megan and you?
  7. by   raekaylvn
    I'm Rachel.... where did you get your LVN from?
  8. by   joesgirllvn
    I just moved here from Visalia. I went to school at Tulare Adult school! I am still frustrated over this message thing. I wonder if I am doing something wrong. Anyways, what about you?
  9. by   raekaylvn
    I went to Concorde Career College in Garden Grove. The message thing is strange... oh well. Did you move here after you graduated? Or did you work there first?
  10. by   joesgirllvn
    I graduated in April and took boards in July. I received my official license 2 weeks ago. My first set of results either never got mailed out or lost somehow. so I had to wait forever. I haven't worked as an LVN yet. I have been a vet tech for 12 yrs, so I worked at the vet hospital until Oct. 1st and then moved down here with my boyfriend of a year. Now just trying to find employment and RN programs.
  11. by   joesgirllvn
    Oh and I am gonna have to fax my resume or go in. Somehow it keeps saying email failed! Just a little irritated over here!
  12. by   raekaylvn
    Good luck with an RN program. There are plenty of CC out here with programs that are affordable. Where abouts in the OC are ya?
  13. by   raekaylvn
    Oh no! Well hopefully you can get the resume in!