LPN to RN accredited online schools

  1. Hello all! I just got my license last week so I am now an LPN. I just have a quick question. I would like to go back to school for my RN but do not have the time to attend 8 hours of class plus do home work for another 3 hours while working 40 hours a week. Does anyone know of any accredited online LPN to RN schools? If so please get back to me! Thanks so much!!!!
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  3. by   2blessed2b
    what state r u in? most state does not all that anymore...I was hoping I could do the same here in md.... If u find one please let me know.
  4. by   ren3741LPN
    Try the college network. I know a few people doing LPN to RN program with them.
  5. by   LTV950rn
    Any program (online or not) you choose will demand much more of a time committment from you than just 3 hours of homework and 8 hours of class a week, so be prepared. Working full time and doing LPN-RN can be done, but it is HARD. I would know, because I did this all of last year. Worked all day, class a few nights a week, clinicals on weekends, etc. And I have a husband and toddler! Any spare moment, such as on lunch breaks, after dinner on non-class nights and weekends off was spent studying and doing homework. It was totally worth it though. Otherwise, if you can afford it, drop down to working part time and do a program. I saved up a whole bunch of vacation time before I started so I could take days off here and there to catch up with studying, homework, or even just to clean my neglected house! There are brick and mortar schools that do evening/weekend programs. Be sure you have a realistic view of the committment you need to have or you will not be successful- there were a few LPN's I was in class with who failed because they didn't take it seriously and/or didn't realize how much time they needed to devote to it. The LPN program is challenging, but the RN program adds a whole other level and the clinicals themselves are much more challenging and exhausting. Good luck to you!
  6. by   sugirl09
    The college network is not a school it is a rip off company that sells study materials and you end up have money drafted from your bank account every month after you have signed a contract that u can't get out of. You buy the material that u don't need then u still have apply to a school usually excelsior and you pay them a lot of money. Then most states won't accept it. If I were you I would go to a traditional LPn to Rn program you would only have to take 3 more semester 4 at the most. I am a single mother of two and worked full time it can be done. Good luck in what ever u decide.
  7. by   Crux1024
    Any online school you find will still have a clinical requirement you have to go to in person. Also keep in mind that if your LPN program did not require college accredited prereqs (English, A&P; and I mean transferable ones not just the "technical" kind thats often found in a votech school or etc,), you may have to take them as well.
  8. by   MERCEDES674
    Indiana State University has a LPN to BSN program. I don't know anything about it so you might just want to ask around or post the question of the online/RN board. Do not go through the college network. They will sell you about 8 or 9 three ring binders that they call books. These binders are about 500.00 each. You still have to register to CLEP out of each class so that's about $80 to $90.00 for each test you take. Then you still have to apply to the school, there is no guarantee that you will get into the school which will be indiana state. They won't take the books back nor will they allow you to cancel the contract after 3 days in which you won't have the books by then. Basically, if you just want an Associate degree and not the BSN a traditional one year program would be best. The LPN to BSN program will still require clinical time in a hospital. Good Luck!
  9. by   Chrissy W. LPN
    Thank you all for your input. I think I will probably just go back park time to the tech school that I received my LPN schooling from.