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  1. by   clinicalteach
    Quote from hanna0225
    great! would you or anyone else happen to know any schools that are closer to san francisco though?? any information would be helpful..thanks!
    ime in san jose is just starting one. infact they are offering the prereqs first . the rn bridge program i believe begins in january.
  2. by   Aaron-Ball
    Here is a list of all CCNE accredited LPN to RN programs in California as of 2010.
  3. by   castr113
    I am going to be starting an LVN program in Orange County since the waitlists were so long at any community college or even in the 4 year schools. When my year of schooling is up I know that I will be moving back up to San Francisco. I ultimately want to get my RN license and was wondering if there are any LVN to RN bridge programs in the Bay area...preferably through a community college. I'm having second thoughts because I only have a year left before I can earn my BS, and have finished the majority of the nursing pre requ's for any nursing program. When you get your LVN license do you still have to finish all the pre-requisites or can you just get into a program and continue on for another year or two to get the RN license? I feel like many people I ask give me different answers and figured some of you nurses or nursing students could give me some more insight. I am asking specifically about San Francisco because I just got engaged and know that is where I will end up living when I'm all done with this program here, in OC.... Thanks everyone!
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    Hi I'm actually looking for an affordable LVN Program in the Bay Area and I would also like for the school to have a good passing rate. If anyone knows of anything I would greatly appreciate the help.
    Private schools are definatly not affordable unfortunatly. I am in the same boat as you and I decided upon San Francisco's city college of nursing because out of all the community colleges in the bay area, it has the least requirements from what I have seen and is only a year and a half long. For me, I could complete all the prereq's this summer and apply to the program the semester afterwards. The cheapest Vocational school I know of is Nighting gale school of nursing in San Leandro, which is 20K. Good luck!