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  1. Possibly Moving to Arizona, Help?

    Usually transferring a CNA license from one state to another can be as simple as applying for reciprocity. CNA Training Classes in Arizona (AZ)
  2. RN to BSN online

    You can read about 20+ different online RN to BSN programs here and see which one looks most appealing to you. The RN-BSN program is very popular so you can find it at almost all schools with nursing departments.
  3. LPN-RN bridge programs in OKlahoma

    Hello Aish84, I cannot offer any specific feedback on Platt but I can provide this list of CCNE accredited LPN to RN programs in Oklahoma to help you find potential schools to attend.:up:
  4. Help with studying for Nclex

    I would continue taking practice exams and answering practice questions until you are getting over 90% correct on a regular basis.
  5. HELP! What Do You Do When You Lose Focus?

    Think of all the reasons why you are pursuing a career in nursing in the first place. Maybe considering this can help you get back to a place of focus on the tasks at hand.
  6. LPN to RN bridge programs in the Bay Area

    Here is a list of all CCNE accredited LPN to RN programs in California as of 2010.
  7. ADN to BSN experience?

    Since you already have hands-on experience being a nurse I think an online BSN program would be an excellent way to advance your career. I have also heard positive things about Western Governors, and would also recommend looking into University of Ph...
  8. That is completely up to your personal preference. I don't think the fact that you are a Nursing student makes any difference, but I would personally recommend living in the dorms to enjoy the "full" college experience.
  9. Advice on lpn to adn/bsn online bridge programs

    There are lots of LPN to RN programs available both in classroom settings and through online nursing schools. You can view this directory of accredited LPN to RN programs which includes both types. I would recommend classroom setting because with onl...
  10. cna state test question

    I think they are technically suppose to fail you for missing any necessary step during your skills exam. However, I think they choose very simple skills to ask you to perform and I think they are very lenient and almost encouraging you to remember to...
  11. I got accepted! =)

    Excellent! Thanks for showing us all that there is light at the end of the tunnel:D
  12. Community College vs University for Prereqs?

    I would agree with the comments above, it will not make a difference when you apply to nursing schools so you might as well save the money and take your courses at a community college. There is no shame in that.
  13. Passed my CNA exam!

    Nice work! We need more qualified CNAs!!!
  14. Started new job and ready to quit

    I don't think that you can give anything a fair chance in that short amount of time. Although you dislike the job I would suggest that you continue for at least 3 months to find out if this is a career path you wish to pursue.
  15. Choosing a CNA Program in Tampa

    I would be wary of the "2 day boot camp" program since the minimum number of hours required by federal regulations is 75. I would be suspicious of any program that promises to fulfill the CNA training requirement in less time than that.