LPN to RN School in Tampa Fl

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I am currently an LPN student here in Tampa. I was wondering if there's anyone out there who can tell me where is the best school around here to bridge over my LPN course to RN?
    Also, does anyone know what is the starting salary for LPN around here? I don't live close to Metro area I am about 40 miles north of Tampa and Clearwater. Please advise.

    Thanks for your help,
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  3. by   UM Review RN
    Here's a list. You also might look into accredited online programs.


    Best Wishes!
  4. by   Chloe Narcisse
    Thank you for your reply Angie O'Plasty. But I was wondering if anyone know of a certain school that is pretty organize in their curriculum for RN since I am planning to bridge over my LPN to RN. Where I am going to school now for LPN is not organized at all. All of us in the class feels like we are doing a self study class just to learn everything we need. And we don't want to have this same experience if possible when we bridge this over to
    RN. I would appreciate anyone's advice.

    Thank you,
    Chloe Narcisse
  5. by   jbtampa
    Well.....I am 52, a respiratory therapist, and enrolled in a Tampa LPN school. These days, learning is on a computer because the lessons are uniform and exam-driven like the FCAT drives our public school lessons as well. It's predictable and changes are tested to be effective. I am an old hippy and still have my humanity standards from the 70's, but gotta admit the good of it. An RN program will have alot more of what I think you want. I suggest you might want to stick to career schools like Keiser for the modes and methods.
  6. by   fionaFL
    I am planning to go to nursing school in the fall, and am 51 and doing a total career change. can't quite believe it actually.. Was thinking of LPN due to my age and the fact that it only takes a year.. but I am now worried about doing that since Chloe says her classes are unorganized.. I know RN is the better one to go for... how long does it take to bridge over? Or should I just go for RN in the beginning??? Any advise would be appreciated. I live in Brandon, so I know there is an LPN school nearby...
  7. by   takamine98
    i too am changing careers (at age 54) and am enrolled in LPN at Erwin Tech in Tampa. total cost is under $5k for a 14 month program (days or nights). its part of the hillsborough county school system and a good program, i am very pleased.

    my decision to go LPN first is because I want to get working asap. from what i understand, most LPN to RN bridge programs give preference to LPN's...at least in the public system.

    so, as i make my way through LPN i am beginning to plan for RN bridge and it seems the private schools will cost $20k - $30k. seems like a lot but on the other hand, they are more flexible for the working student and in 15 months you can be completed.

    be happy to hear more on this from other more experienced nurses. thanks.

  8. by   EMR*LPN
    If I were to go on for my RN, this is the program I would enroll in. All of your pre-reqs are included in the curriculum...Financial aid is also available. There is a branch in Brandon, FL, and in Orlando, I think.

    The Center for Allied Health & Nursing Education
    tel: (813) 246-5111
    fax: (813) 246-5125
    The program is 15 months in length with a combination of general education and nursing specific courses. Upon completion of the program, students are awarded an Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) in Nursing. To be eligible to enroll, you must be a licensed practical nurse. The Professional Nursing program is approved by the Florida Board of Nursing. In addition, our institution is licensed by the Florida Commission for Independent Education and nationally accredited by The Council on Occupational Education.

    Good luck to all....
  9. by   fionaFL
    That's one of the schools I am thinking of going to.. I have been accepted and was supposed to start in September but had problems getting my High School Info from England (34 years ago)... so I couldn't start till Jan. I am also considering RN course at Keiser... 2 years and it's all done... I live in Brandon so it's closer but also much longer days where as Keiser starts with one course at a time.. inc. Pre reqs.... for the first year... however I keep thinking i could be an LPN at the end of one year instead of just having done Pre reqs..... such a hard decision to make.... any input would be appreciated... I know have all of the paperwork from England that I can get.... just not sure which way is best to go...

  10. by   didi768
    Know I'm like a year late lol, but was looking at the Allied Health bridge in Brandon and I'm bummed that you only have 5 yrs. to transfer credits and even more bummed to find out you STILL have to test out of those classes. Is that standard?
    Also, does anyone know if HCC is regionally or nationally accredited? I hear to run like hell if they are only nationally accr.
    I got a pell grant and can't decide if I should start A&P 1 or re-take Sociology first? Any suggestions? I really don't want to take any A&P at HCC period. Don't like the instructors.
  11. by   mrsz1968
    I am posting on this old thread too. I am scared reading some of the admissions horror stories on this site. Is it easier to go the LPN bridge to RN route? What schools can you go to to get the LPN that will transfer to HCC? Are there any? Honestly I would rather try and go that route anyway. I hope someone can help! I am 42 years old, going back to school FT, and not sure I can compete with hundreds of applicants at HCC after taking the pre-reqs.
  12. by   prettyinblu
    Have you considered trying Galen?
  13. by   asc5
    Hey all,

    Having been where you are not so long ago, I too had a lot of the same questions. I have a previous BS but a not so stellar GPA so I had to go the long route, but in all honesty, the best route for me. I completed my LPN program at a local Vo-tech school that was a great learning experience. I proved to myself that I was capable of anything once I put my mind to it. After getting my license I went to my local community college and took Stats (to up my Algebra grade), Lifespan Development, and AP 1 & 2, as well as Micro. I made sure to get all A's to boost my GPA for acceptance into the local bridge program at the same school. I just started my bridge program this week and I am excited, nervous, and scared all at the same time. I have yet to work, so I am pretty green. I thought about Galen, as they were the most kind as far as GPA forgiveness, but at the end of the day, I will be glad to have an AS degree so I can continue to a Masters program if I so desire. Be aware of the different choices out there and call the Board of Nursing to help make your decision. I wish all of you good luck. I may have taken a little longer than expected to finish my program but at least I am going to finish it.

  14. by   takamine98
    @prettyinblue: thanks for the heads-up on Galen. it would be a long drive from where i live but is significantly less expensive that Rasmussen, which i have been considering.