1. Hi. I just grad w my LVN and I am wanting to move out of state (TX) to the east coast. Any help on finding a program that offers a bridge, fast track, or upward mobility program. I have yet to find very many. I am interested in SC, GA, NC, and VA. Thanks!!
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    AASU in Savannah Georgia has a fast track program.
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    hi, kikilvn!

    well, you've got quite a shopping list there! the easiest way to find a school is to go to the individual state board of nursing (bon) websites and get a list of their approved schools of nursing. most state bons list them and usually list them out by lpn, rn, lpn to rn, bsn, and advanced practice. sometimes it takes a little searching to find these pages on their sites, but most have them. if not, get the individual state board telephone numbers and just call them tomorrow.

    now, getting to their websites. . .at the very top right of this page is a button that says "links". roll your mouse over it and a drop down menu appears. click on "boards of nursing". a page with links to all the state boards of nursing will come up. just start with the first state on your list and click away. you'll be looking for a link on these websites that says something like "schools of nursing" or "nursing education". sometimes these links will be within drop down boxes of information on these sites, so you might have to do a little exploring. you may also have to contact individual schools (nearly all will have websites) to find out about lpn to rn bridge programs. some of the state board sites will also have weblinks to the home pages of the nursing schools.

    good luck with your search. you will get more effective results this way.

    you should also join other student nurses at the student nurse forum here on allnurses. you can get to these forums by rolling your mouse over the button at the very top left of this page that says "forums". a drop down menu appears. click on "nursing student forums" and you will be taken to a page listing the student nurse forums. just click on one that sounds interesting and start reading the various threads.

    welcome to allnurses!
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    Try this website:

    you can do a search for LPN-Associates and choose whatever state you want.