Is it possible?????????????

  1. i need your help......
    i have taken a few semesters off from school because my mom passed away, and then we put our house up for sale and we thought we were going to move to a different state....well this put me behind on my prereq's for the lpn to rn bridge over.
    is it possible......or doable to take anatomy and physiology ii and micro in the same semester....and not only in the same semester...but in the summer semester??
    i wouldn't be working...and it would only be those two classes.....???????
    if i dont' take the two of them together...then that puts me another year away from signing up for the rn bridge program.
    any advice would be greatly appreciated...
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  3. by   jamangel
    I personally think it's alot but it doesn't mean you can't do it. It's doable because you aren't working and will have the time. I don't know if you have family obligations which could make it difficult but you have to assess whether you have it in you.
  4. by   NaomieRN
    Anything is possible if you believe you can make it. Personally for me, I would not take A&P 2 with Microbiology over the summer. It is too much information in a short amount of time for me because I work fulltime. If you not going to work, you probably can do it.
  5. by   Halinja
    It might depend on how well you tolerate school. For some people new information takes repetition to stick. For some people they read it or hear it once and it sticks. No reflection on anyone, its just that people are different. (and has nothing to do with intelligence, just learning styles)

    So...that being said, I'd say go for it. You aren't working, so you will have time. Yes, they're tough classess and summer session makes it even more compressed. But it is doable. And come nursing school you're going to be facing similar pressures. At least doing it now is YOUR choice.

    If you decide you are in over your head you can always drop one of the classess, there are usually deadlines by which if you drop the class there are no negative connotations.

    So why not try?
  6. by   TheCommuter
    I, personally, would prefer to take all challenging science courses during the longer fall or spring sememsters due to my style of learning. In addition, I would want to ensure that I received the highest grades possible because brisge programs look closely at the science prerequisite class grades. However, you can do anything if you want it badly enough.
  7. by   islandti_patty
    thanks for all the advice. i am still thinking about what i am going to do.
    i do have to consider my family....i have three kids...ages 15, 13 and 12....and i don't want to be too busy studying to be a mom....

    i want to be an rn so badly, but i don't want to study myself to death....i guess all good things come to those who want it.

    these boards have been such a help to me through lpn school, my nclex...and now going towards my rn.....

  8. by   Delaina
    i'm glad to see someone else is taking a heavy course load! for the spring semester i have a tentative schedule of anatomy and physiology i & ii (the condensed, harder course. a&p i the first 8 weeks and a&p ii the second 8 weeks), microbiology, human growth and development, and intro to computers.

    intro to computers will be a piece of cake, and human growth shouldn't be too hard. i'm mostly worried about micro and a&p. i want to go ahead and take micro since i'm in a biology class right now and don't want to forget everything i've all ready learned.

    i'll be in school every single day until 2:50. i'm not working either and i have a two-hour break in between my classes to grab something to eat, study, work on homework, etc. at the college. the only person that really thinks i can do it is me. ha!

    if i *don't* take all of these classes together i won't qualify for the accelerated track nursing program at our college and it will take a full 7 months longer to graduate. 7 months normally wouldn't sound like that big of a deal, but in my case it is.

    i wish you much luck patty, and i'm sorry to hear about your mother. loss is never an easy thing and i don't blame you for taking a break.

  9. by   ItalianMomOf3
    I did them together, but I did them online, micro has a virtual lab online, I scored an A in one and a B in the other. If you are going to take them together thats the way i would do it.

  10. by   islandti_patty

    what site did you use for those online classes??? are the credits transferrable???
    I would much rather take the classes at home, or atleast one of them.
    Thanks for your help, I will be waiting to hear from you....

  11. by   ItalianMomOf3
    Quote from islandti_patty

    what site did you use for those online classes??? are the credits transferrable???
    I would much rather take the classes at home, or atleast one of them.
    Thanks for your help, I will be waiting to hear from you....


    I am in colorado and I went thru CCCOnline, COmmunity colleges of colorado online. YOu have to sign up for them thru your home college, that offers online courses.
    It was much easier that way, and no cadavers to deal with
  12. by   islandti_patty
    my local community college doesn't have any a&p online classes. i would like to find another school that would offer them.
    but at the same time, i want the school to be legit.
    i live in florida, so anyone with any advice, please feel free to
    let me know.
  13. by   luvlilbit119
    Yes it is possible. - I'm doing it now in an LPN program. It is a little different for me though, because this program kind of gives a more basic overview, but I've done them both seperately in college for my pre-reqs toward my RN- and thinking back -- You can definantly do it -- Only if you're not working though. It is definantly a lot of studying!! Good luck-
  14. by   shoecrazynurse
    Super Duper hard. at least 4 me it would be. What kinds student r u? i see what u mean about another year, but if u end up not doing well in the classes then what is the point right?