I got in!!!

  1. Just about this time last year I decided to go the LPN to RN route because it would shave about 6mo off my application time. I was a little wary because I'd never considered the possibility of LPN and then there was alway the chance that I wouldn't get into RN on the first try, but I got the call today that I'm in!!!! I was 3rd alternate, but enough people have dropped that I officially have a seat! I'm just so excited. I'm exhausted thinking of all the testing that I have to complete for my LPN program and boards, nusring transitions, etc... before I can start, but I can't believe this time next year I'll be an RN
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  3. by   SCprincess08
    congratulations with your acceptance
  4. by   nurseaid07
    Congradulations on your acceeptance but I WANTED to know was lpn school stressful did you work and have and did you have any kids my daughter will be 6 months when i go back for my lpn or rn in spring 2010 i was planning on going spring of 2009 but found out i was pregnant and would not be able to go everyday and i was very sick so i decided to wait a yr and go back because my mom said it was best that i spend some time with her now to get use to being a new mom any way cant wait to her back from you
  5. by   StephieRN_1216
    hey there!! yay for you!!! so are you going to be in the CLP orientation this Friday? I will be there - I'm soooooooo ready to get this year started!
    Anyway.... we'll have to make sure and introduce ourselves.......

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    i have a question did you finish? if so how was it?
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