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  1. Has anyone done LPN to RN program through College Network? How long did it take you to finish the program? How did you like the program?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Beware! The College Network is not an LPN-to-RN program. The College Network is nothing more than an overpriced publishing company engaged in the business of selling materials that eventually lead to an Excelsior College degree. Therefore, Excelsior College is really the school you're dealing with.

    Most people are able to earn their LPN-to-RN bridge degree from Excelsior College without going through expensive publishing companies such as the College Network and RUE. Buyer beware!
  4. by   charebec65
    I thought the College Network was the Indiana University LPN to BSN or LPN to RN programs. You are right though, they are a publishing company like RUE.
  5. by   tapstry
    I am doing the College Network program right now, and I'm fine with it. I'm a self-studier, so it works for me. About half-way thru the program, I will be officially enrolled at Excelcior College to finish out the nursing part of my studies (I am doing general ones now). As for the cost, all I can say is it's a lot cheaper than what I paid for my LPN education. And since you go at your own pace, you can get thru the program as fast as you want. I'm not saying it's for everyone. But it works for me, and I personally think it's worth looking into as an option. Because some nursing programs just have too long of a wait to get started. And I want to get my RN as quickly as possible so I can have more opportunities at the hospital where I work.
  6. by   HotmaleSPN
    I was just wandering if you could tell me how much the LPN-RN program you are doing costs, I talked with a guy from that Indiana College on the phone but the conversation was very vague. Seems like it could be a scam, I am weary of anything online that sounds too good to be true. Do you have to go to clinicals with that program as well?
  7. by   chosenchocolate
    The college Network is only a publishing company that supplies study material for Excelsior College exams. Ultimately you will pay fees to EC and degree will be given by EC. Each system costs around $300. College network can be helpful for the student attempting to get EC degree in that it condenses study material so that u will not have to do your own research of info for each test.
  8. by   tlc365
    Hi - I have purchase the College Networks materials and I have mixed feelings. A sales rep came to my house and sold me the materials and I signed the contract before talking with Excelsior. I do like the materials but they are over $400 for each subject. I could have called Excelsior and got a list of materials to buy for each subject and purchased books online for better prices BUT I would have to buy many, many books. Well I just studied NSG concepts1 with The College Networks material and passed. I will be doing Micro next and the apply to Excelsior and pay the application fee and when accepted the enrollment fee. So buyer beware ! Look at the pros and cons and please check with the college before purchasing materials. I am satisfied with my materials but could have paid ALOT less.
  9. by   Vida
    Does anyone think its worth the money - buying the College Network books and saving the time by having everything in the guide instead of picking through books?
    ....because I just signed up with the College Network...for the Excelsior lpn-adn program.
    Also, is there anyone out there who has completed this program (or is close to it)? What do you think about the program?
  10. by   chosenchocolate
    Yes nurse Vida,
    There are people who have successfully completed EC program. You may be able to find out more info on this topic in forum pros and cons of Excelsior College. I myself, is very near completion lack clinical. The program itself is covenient and flexible but by no means is an easy task. You must be self motivated and a self teacher. There is a rigorous 2 1/2 day clinical. I promise u ther is no amount of stress in your life that can prepare u or is equal to the stress u will endure to get through this.

    And since u have just signed with the college Network u may be able to cancel the contract settle with them and pay only 25% of total instead of full amt.
  11. by   Vida
    Ok ok - so Im writing this everywhere I can.
    FYI: You only have three days to back out of the tcn contract. Thats all. After three days, you're screwed. Not really - you can still do alright (I like the tcn guides I have).....but go find them on ebay and save yourself a few grand!!!!

  12. by   heartsalot28
    Have You Taken The Nursing Concepts 1 Exam, If So Anything To Share
  13. by   Mad LPN
    I recently signed up for The College Networkto finish my nursing career but now that I have read some of the threads I don't think that was a very good idea. I want to discontiue my services and I was wondering if that was possible I also wanted to know if excelsior would be a better choice or should I just do traditional college classrooom.
  14. by   Mad LPN
    I just signed up I have the sociology module and I was wondering how would I go about letting the cn know not to send the other modules. So that I can go to e-bay and purchase them.