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Has anyone done LPN to RN program through College Network? How long did it take you to finish the program? How did you like the program?... Read More

  1. by   mocool
    Quote from Hospice Nurse LPN
    The rep will tell you that, but where I live (Louisiana) the BON does not recognize the degree. If anyone is interested in buying the College Network set of study materials let me know. I got suckered into buying them and never used it.

    Thanks one of my friend was trying to go through college network
    I will inform her about this challenges.
  2. by   Nursesdoitwithcare
    thanks everybody for your words of wisdom, especially you otter. i've decided not to go through college network and deal directly with excelsior. also, i qualify for scholarships but will not be able to use my grant money for my adn; but could if i were pursuing my bsn. if anyone has any advice or updates feel free to pass it on, i'd love to read it!!!
  3. by   ndragonfly
    Don't use them!!!!! Unless you want to spend thousands of dollars for junk binders....just go straight through excelsior college or IU....that's where there degrees come from anyway. TCN is not a college just an over priced publishing company full of lies and empty promises!
  4. by   SmartyRN
    Hello I know this is an old post but was wondering. Did you complete the college network prgram?
  5. by   caliotter3
    Completing The College Nework "program" consists of paying off the contract with The College Network. A better wording of the question might be, "Did you get a nursing degree from Excelsior College?" Good luck with the Excelsior College nursing program.
  6. by   SmartyRN
    Quote from Vida
    Ok ok - so Im writing this everywhere I can.
    FYI: You only have three days to back out of the tcn contract. Thats all. After three days, you're screwed. Not really - you can still do alright (I like the tcn guides I have).....but go find them on ebay and save yourself a few grand!!!!

    Hello Vida, Maybe I am posting to different places with the same question but I was wondering how did the college network work out for you since it is now three years later?
  7. by   JDavis2009
    I'm really surprised by all the negative press about college network... I started their RN program last year and have had nothing but great experiences.

    I don't know what "cheap binders" you are talking about because all of the modules are now offered through an easy to use website and I have easily been able test out of my classes in about 4 wks of studying. I would also warn anyone looking to buy cn material or any other educational material through places like ebay as itmay be out of date or incomplete. One of the main reasons i didn't enroll directly with Excelsior was because of the many MANY books you have to buy for each of the courses.. i would much rather pay a little more for one all-inclusive module so that i don't have to study a billion textbooks and so that I can finish the program faster and earn my RN. We all know the huge pay increases from PN to RN and getting your RN license even a month quicker means one more month of RN salary that I wouldnt otherwise have. Also, excelsior doesn't offer the NCLEX prep course that college network does --it was developed with the NLN so, you know its legit.

    It may not be for "everybody" but its worked great for me and its definitely not a scam.
  8. by   mochasouter
    I am doing tcn right now and I like it. Everything you need in 1 binder. I also purchased the studygroup 101 cds off of ebay but it has pretty much the same info that is in the binder. About 4 weeks for the 1st module H & S. Getting ready to start transitions.
  9. by   BRITT_LVN22
    I just had a meeting with a representative from The College Network. The program seemed great...I dont know why everyone would have a problem with it....yes it was very expensive. I want to go for my BSN through Indiana State. I live in Southern there anyone that has completed the program for BSN and passed the NCLEX? I dont know what my other options are that are in the same price range that I could do online. I was going to go through the junior college but its going to take so long with all the pre reqs I have to do!! If anyone has any advice I would sure appreciate it!!
  10. by   caliotter3
    The advice you will get from others is to leave TCN out of the equation. You do not need to pay them any money to complete the ISU program. You can obtain the study materials elsewhere for a fraction of the cost or you can get your own study materials for free or again, at low cost.
  11. by   BRITT_LVN22
    Quote from caliotter3
    the advice you will get from others is to leave tcn out of the equation. you do not need to pay them any money to complete the isu program. you can obtain the study materials elsewhere for a fraction of the cost or you can get your own study materials for free or again, at low cost.

    im sure if i understand exactly what youre saying....if i leave the college network do i test out of my pre reqs? does isu still allow me to do that? and if so how much is it going to cost me to buy all the books or study materials to test out of my pre reqs?
  12. by   LVN2RNMMA
    Hey guys.. First post ever since I ever had an account to all nurses.. I actually have a meeting on thursday with a "rep"... But seeing this.. seems suspicious.. i'm guessing I should cancel and make up some BS like "I actually found an ADN program I want to get into instead" or something..
  13. by   JDavis2009
    There's no harm in meeting with a TCN rep... if you don't like what they say about the program then you don't have to pursue it. But I would at least meet with them so that you can get the info and make that decision yourself (dont let anyone else make up your mind 4 u). theres no questions that alot of companies have been in and out of the eductation-provider business, but TCN has been around for about 20 years...if it were a scam or breaking the law it would have gone out of business a long time ago. I love what the way they have structured the material.. not classes... a private tutor if I can't pass my course exams. It's pretty awesome. Theres a couple of nurses at my facility who went through this program and they say as long as you are self-motivated its an exccellent way to earn your license.